Neustar ElementOne Segmentation Professional Services


Every organization has a goal when choosing a segmentation scheme and that goal should be driven by their specific business needs and unique customer base. Neustar ElementOne® analytics platform is an innovative data management and marketing analytics tool that enables you to increase campaign effectiveness and efficiency by accurately defining and targeting your key customer segments. ElementOne is extremely customizable based on individual goals and objectives which is why expert guidance and assistance is vital to the success of integrating this unique, customer-centric segmentation framework.

Smarter Marketing

ElementOne empowers companies to make strategic marketing decisions by using a best-in-class customer segmentation matching process to deliver accurate customer insights at your fingertips. Managers no longer have to guess who their “best” customers are, or where future growth will come from. ElementOne gives them the ability to know definitively and to leverage the insights for driving customer acquisition, increasing consumer retention, and improving site-location strategy.

To achieve the maximum return on investment with the ElementOne Platform, Neustar includes a Professional Services package for every client. A collaborative approach with an ElementOne expert — assigned by Neustar — has proven increased internal adoption, improved execution of strategic goals and streamlined operational efficiencies.

Your Guide to Better Decisions

Professional Services was built off of the Neustar Lifecycle Services Approach which groups together a set of activities necessary for client success when integrating, planning and executing on the ElementOne analytics platform in your organization. From start-to-finish, Professional Services has offerings that guide our clients through the ElementOne lifecycle to insure successful implementation. It is a framework for easy interpretation of the services and necessary support activities.

Service Overview & Benefits:

Neustar ElementOne consultants have years of experience in designing, deploying, and supporting the ElementOne product suite and will partner with you to ensure your program is successful.

With Professional Services, you can have the expert support you need to leverage ElementOne analytics with no additional headcount or resources to:

Assess and Advise

Workshops based on custom customers and market analysis to influence business solutioning and develop a high-level scope of the professional services engagement

  • Early adoption of the platform to immediately know how the platform can work best for your business needs

Plan and Design

Efforts to ensure the design of a segmentation solution that meets your unique business needs

  • Increased organizational readiness from the start with high-level implementation plan/roadmap

Implement and Build

Transactional services to build and implement products and associated models, segmentations or other 'one-time' services

  • Accurate understanding and prioritization of your top performing segments with an expert to help educate your organization and agencies


Subscription services to provide monthly consultation to optimize the client's use of the ElementOne Platform

  • Improved campaign performance with expert assistance on a campaign-by-campaign basis


Subscription based technical or operational customer support to answer basic technical or operational questions

  • Increased confidence in your staff with a dedicated support line for answers to basic questions


Subscription (or number of sessions) training services to educate your company and users on associated products and services through web-based video-conferencing and 'in-person' training

  • Expanded internal platform capabilities to educate the team on associated products and also ensure consistent periods of training

Why Neustar Professional Services

Realize the full business value of your marketing and analytics investments more quickly with expertise and personalized services from Neustar. Backed by years of experience in data and analytics, professional services enable organizations to successfully leverage information and analytics to make the right business decisions. Whether you are trying to acquire, retain or manage customers, leverage Neustar ElementOne® insights to help you achieve your goals. Neustar is your single most trusted source of insights and analytics.

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