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Service Overview & Benefits

Assess and Advise


Plan and Design


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The Neustar ElementOne® On-Demand Scoring service provides powerful analytics for marketers to define who their "best" customers are and where future growth will come from by pairing client-provided customer and/or conversion data with Neustar's consumer information repository.

To help clients optimize the continual value of ElementOne On-Demand Scoring, Neustar offers Professional Services resources to quickly and efficiently help differentiate treatment for a more relevant consumer experience.

Intelligent Decisions

ElementOne On-Demand Scoring enables marketers to uncover the best leads through quantifying the best customers and best prospects. With the input of a single consumer identifier (i.e. phone number, address or email), marketers can:

  • Evaluate leads based on likelihood to convert
  • Quickly attend to leads with the right message
  • Differentiate follow-up tactics with prospects
  • Route leads to the sales agent with the right expertise

Your Guide to Better Decisions

Neustar Professional Services was built off the Neustar Lifecycle Service Approach which groups together a set of activities necessary for client success when integrating, planning and executing On-Demand Scoring in your organization. From start-to-finish, Professional Services has offerings that guide our clients through the lifecycle to ensure successful implementation. It is a framework for easy interpretation of the services and key support activities.

Service Overview & Benefits

Neustar Professional Services consultants have years of experience in designing, deploying, and supporting On-Demand Scoring and will partner with you to ensure your program is successful. With Professional Services, you can have the expert support needed to leverage full use of the product with no additional internal headcount or resources.

Assess and Advise:

Speed understanding of product capabilities and utility across marketing programs

  • Identify scoring and analytics opportunities and document key data flows
  • Review existing scoring models based on marketing initiatives and agency relationships for improvement

Plan and Design

Establish operational best practices

  • Analyze historical traffic and completeness of data
  • Document detailed work structure, process, deliverables, timing and dependencies

Build and Implement

Accelerate implementation and create scoring models

  • Build scoring segmentation models and create strategic groups based on business objectives
  • Demonstrate the predictive power of models against business objectives and real behaviors


Audit and maximize full use of ElementOne On-Demand Scoring across your marketing programs

  • Review your targeted, custom segments for best-in-class performance
  • Recommend additional uses for E1 & Neustar products based on updated marketing objectives


Subscription based technical or operation customer support to answer basic questions

  • Resolve account access issues and troubleshoot query errors


Subscription (or number of sessions) training services to educate your company and users on associated products and services through virtual and live training

  • Grow internal platform capabilities and also ensure consistent periods of training

Why Neustar Professional Services

Realize the full business value of your marketing and analytics investments more quickly with expertise and personalized services from Neustar. Backed by years of experience in data and analytics, marketing professional services enable organizations to successfully leverage information and analytics to make the right business decisions. Whether you are trying to acquire, retain or manage customers, leverage ElementOne insights to help you achieve your goals. Neustar is your single most trusted source of insights and analytics.

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