Neustar ElementOne

A Comprehensive Approach to Marketing Analytics That Makes Robust Consumer Intelligence Accessible and Actionable!

Today’s marketers need access to the right information, on the right consumers, at the right time in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. To help you accomplish this, our complementary suite of solutions powered by the proprietary Neustar ElementOne® Analytics Platform helps you and your organization figure out who to target, which channels you should be leveraging to get your message out, what messaging will resonate with your target audience, and the best places to deploy your marketing resources.

ElementOne Marketing Analytics is scientifically designed to provide unmatched granularity on consumer attributes and behaviors at the individual household level. This gives you the best coverage, scale and actionability for your marketing campaigns. ElementOne delivers market-leading solutions, including:

  • Real-Time Lead Scoring
  • Custom Segmentation
  • ElementOne Analytics Platform

Real-Time Lead Scoring – Focus On Consumers Most Likely to Convert

In the era of customizable consumer experiences, successful companies focus on the leads most likely to convert. Real-Time Lead Scoring provides the ability to identify prospects that look most like your top-performing customers with every consumer interaction and is vital to driving conversions and increasing revenue.

Organizations implement Real-Time Lead Scoring into their marketing strategy when they want to predict the likely outcome of a consumer interaction in order to optimize the experience and increase the likelihood of conversion on the phone, online or at the point of sale.

Real-Time Lead Scoring for Any Organization

Using ElementOne Analytics resources, Neustar offers two Lead Scoring options based on an organization’s marketing goals, data availability and resources:

Standard Scores help organizations with little to no intelligence about its customers using robust industry-based (Education, Automotive, etc.) data for calibration.

Custom Scores leverage a client’s historical customer conversion data along with our household-level consumer insights to create unique statistical models that isolate the key factors for predicting a specific behavior.

Custom Segmentation – Actionable Insights Beyond the Score

In today’s fast-paced, information-now consumer landscape, marketers need in-the-moment insights to insure their customers and leads are being handled based on their individual preferences. Neustar’s Custom Segmentation delivers the insights behind a customer or lead to learn more about them through demographics, attributes, lifestyle data and more.

A Strategic Approach to ElementOne Analytics

With this depth of knowledge on a client base, organizations can power their outbound marketing initiatives such as direct mail, telemarketing and media planning. You can instantly see what is beyond the score to create compelling and relevant messaging to consumers that look most like your best customers, and personalize your interactions with inbound consumer inquiries in real time, one customer at a time.

Custom segmentation also enables the identification of untapped opportunities in the marketplace enabling you to expand your business.

ElementOne Analytics Platform

Neustar’s proprietary ElementOne Analytics Platform is a unique web-based tool for users to leverage their own customer data layered with household level syndicated coverage to guide:

  • Strategic Market Planning
  • Messaging and Creative Development
  • Media Buying
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Site-Focused Activities such as Store Expansion or Marketing Resource Deployment

By understanding consumer behavior, Neustar ElementOne Analytics clients can better devise and measure tactical marketing initiatives for improved customer acquisition, cross-sell and retention, ultimately creating a more holistic marketing approach across their organization.

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