Neustar Directory Listings Management

Stop Paying Competitors to Control Your Data


Demand for directory listings is greater than ever and has expanded beyond printed books as today’s consumers use the Internet, smartphones and mobile devices to search for information on businesses and services. While search practices have evolved, many communications service providers still rely on the traditional — and costly — model of using the incumbent carriers to fulfill directory listings.

  • You pay monthly recurring fees from $2 to $40 (national average of $5.50) per telephone number.
  • You deal with complex formatting requirements that create errors and omissions.
  • Your data is resold to aggregators and may even end up with your competitors.

These fees are for printed books, so CSPs miss opportunities to provide the online and electronic options consumers and businesses demand. It’s time to change.

Reduce Your Costs and Broaden Your DL Offers

Neustar Directory Listings Management changes the paradigm to significantly reduce monthly recurring costs and provide the expanded suite of directory listings options customers use and need. You gain control of how your authoritative data is used and retain valuable business from small and medium business customers.

Neustar covers the diverse options for directory listings, including:

  • Residential: print options and national online people finder
  • Business: print options and national online business finder, local search engines, GPS points of interest
  • Government and Agency: print options and national online, local search engines, GPS points of interest

Take Control of Your Data

Contact Neustar to learn how easy and beneficial it is to take control of your directory listings management. Neustar plans, coordinates and deploys the solution, ensuring you maximize your savings in the shortest timeframe. The sooner you begin, the greater your savings.

We Build Your Directory Listings Database

Neustar compiles your authoritative database of directory listings that serves as your single source of truth for directory listings data.

We Maintain Your Data

Neustar receives all requests to modify, add, change or delete records, ensuring your data is accurate and authoritative for all publishing medium.

We Remove Your Listings from Legacy Databases

De-listing your customer records from all legacy databases is crucial to driving immediate savings by eliminating the monthly recurring fees. It also prevents publishers from accessing stale records, and eliminates unauthorized use of your valuable customer data.

We Distribute Your Listings

As your authorized agent, Neustar works with over 150 publishers and over 200 local search partners to help businesses get listed online, in mobile apps and on navigation devices.

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