A New, Smarter Way to Compile Information for Directory and Online Publishers


Business and residential data is constantly changing. Gaining access to the most updated directory listings data requires Directory and Online Publishers to wait for files from multiple telecommunications providers, extract data from other resources, reformat the information and resolve conflicting data. This process takes weeks, if not months, resulting in out-of-date data even before the directory is printed or updated online.

Neustar is your single source for accurate, timely and comprehensive business and residential listings. Our turnkey solution compiles current name, address and phone information into a single file, eliminating the need to manage multiple carrier relationships, reducing wasted resources, increasing productivity and boosting revenue.

Your One-Stop Shop

Neustar's unique relationships with nationwide telco providers and over 240 data resources enable us to deliver up-to-date and complete data. Our authoritative data repository is compiled, verified and enhanced every 15 minutes to ensure the highest quality information with maximum flexibility to meet your data needs.

In addition to all the real-time telco feeds, we use an advanced optical character recognition process and key over 1,000 White and Yellow Page directories annually, capturing all the deep ad content. We also continually incorporate newly released publications to deliver the freshest data in the industry.

Superior Business Solutions

Our unmatched depth and coverage is scalable to any size, and can provide selection control for your directory needs.

We provide information to:

  • Print and Online Directory Publishers — Directory assistance, White Page and Yellow Page listings
  • Telecommunication Providers — Cable companies, ILECs, CLECs, VoIP and wireless providers
  • Solution Providers — Call center outsourcing, data aggregation and other services

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