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Decision Manager: Point-of-Sale Customer Intelligence

Determine the best offer for each subscriber

Wireless service providers need a solid approach to attract and retain the best customers. Sign-up incentives and new customer offers are often part of this strategy – but which offer is the right one for which customer?

Insufficient insights can lead to:

  • Lost revenue by underselling to high-value subscribers
  • Reduced margins from overselling to high credit risk subscribers, or those who continuously churn
  • Inflated costs from inefficiencies at the store level conducting drawn out customer queries
  • Poor customer experience from slow in-store service and potential bad plan match

Subscriber Lifetime Value Insight

Not all customers are the same – and the wireless plans and promotions a carrier offers shouldn’t be the same either. While credit checks can provide some guidance, there are other important metrics to understand before determining the best offer.

Decision Manager’s real-time insights are powered by Neustar’s ability to authoritatively identify people, households, and things – all from a simple telephone number. Decision Manager delivers the online and point-of-sale guidance that your retail agents need, instantly identifying the best offers and calling plans for each new customer.

How It Works

Decision Manager only requires an active wireless phone number to determine a wealth of valuable information, such as whether a potential subscriber is a prepaid or postpaid customer, what operator’s network they are coming from, how frequently they churn, their current home address, the size of their household and whether there are other eligible subscribers in the home.

Step-by-step process:

  1. A new customer enters their current mobile number on your website to see the offer they quality for.
  2. They instantly see a promotion tailored to match their lifetime value as a potential customer.
  3. If the customer decides to visit your retail store, they are offered the same promo when they give the retail associate their mobile telephone number.
  4. Customers are provided with a promotion optimized to their profile.

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Business Intelligence for Informed Decision-making

Neustar’s Decision Manager also provides valuable insight into the entire customer lifecycle. Carriers gain a deeper understanding of subscribers, dealers, markets, and even competitors. Through this intelligence and data, service providers can grow revenues, control costs, and improve the customer experience.

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