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Broken Data? Ruptured Intelligence?

Discover Your CRM’s Vital Stats with a Data Health Screening

Millions of dollars are wasted every year delivering the wrong message to the wrong consumer. Continuous changes in consumer identity make it impossible for traditional CRM and data management systems to keep up, creating gaps and inconsistencies throughout customer records.

Without accurate customer intelligence, how can you deliver a meaningful customer experience?

Ask for a Data Health Screening

A data health screening is the best way to get a clear understanding of potential customers you’re missing, and what your ideal identity rate could be. This is particularly important to marketers, analysts, CMO’s, CDO’s, and CIO’s, who rely on accurate and up-to-date customer intelligence to drive their marketing initiatives.

Increase Your Marketing Scale with Real-Time Customer Intelligence

Neustar Consumer Identity Management allows marketers to identify, validate, and qualify customers as they interact with their brand, all in real-time. Built on a framework of authoritative identity data, Neustar provides enriched customer intelligence from both online and offline attributes and behaviors. Fill in the gaps and ensure you have a complete picture of your customers and prospects before engaging.

Make Your Engagements Relevant, Personal, and Timely.

The customer experience ultimately determines the quality of your long-term relationship with that individual. Neustar proactively delivers enriched and up-to-date identity data across the organization, allowing for greater control and personalization when engaging with consumers. Deliver a consistent and relevant experience across channels with greater accuracy and a better understanding of the customer.

Get True Transparency with Cross-Channel Measurement

As the number of consumer touchpoints grows, so does the quantity of data collected across channels. The challenge for many marketers (57%*) is the ability to merge all those disparate pieces of consumer data that is shared across all touch points. Forming that single view requires creating a unified consumer profile.

Neustar links your customer records to our OneID System creating a single, accurate view of the customer. Neustar links fragmented and disparate data points across your CRM, allowing marketers to measure and optimize interactions across all channels, including digital, mobile, direct mail, call center, and addressable TV.

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