Clean Room Export

Privacy-preserving Data Connectivity for Empowered Analytics

Clean Room Export connects granular and distributed data sources including media logs, site data, enrichment data, and 1st-party data in a privacy-safe, PII-less format.

Neustar uses identity resolution, data normalization, and pseudonymization to provide direct access to raw event-level data at scale from both online and offline signals, and enriches that data with n-party attributes. This data is provided in a flexible, portable, and normalized format to take it into your choice of analytics and environments, providing a warehouse of information for deriving actionable insights, building audiences, and measuring marketing performance.

Consolidate views across your data:

  • Digital measurement data, including desktop, video, mobile impressions, visits, and conversions
  • 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-party data attributes
  • Pseudonymized offline data
  • Identity resolved into our Neustar OneID at both the household and individual levels


  • Data Unification: Affords privacy-safe centralization of data by collecting, de-duplicating, normalizing, and pseudonymizing data from multiple sources  
  • Flexibility and Neutrality: Allows brands to take control of their data and analytical models within their environment, providing independence from media-buying platforms  
  • Enrichment: Provides access to 2nd- and 3rd-party data sources, including Neustar’s leading identity enrichment data as well as numerous valuable data providers via a data marketplace  
  • Activation: Syndicates to and measures data from all channels, and manages omnichannel marketing from a single point  
  • Experience: Creates a connected customer experience by using everything you know about a person to inform all the decisions and personalized interactions that you’re delivering across all touchpoints 

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