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Better Data Leads to Better Decisions

Years of industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions have resulted in providers managing data in multiple systems and databases. Provisioning processes that differ by region and by system result in out of synch data, errors and order fallout that reduce revenue and erode the customer experience.

A data audit by Neustar Professional Services will pinpoint issues and identify data discrepancies between various systems and processes, allowing you to:

  • Reduce fallout and increase order flow-through
  • Increase order completion rates
  • Identify root causes and take corrective actions

Each audit is customized to clearly define the data sources from which to draw and the values to be compared. This highly flexible audit of virtually any data source you maintain, includes data that Neustar maintains on your behalf within our systems.

Telephone Number Inventory Audit

Improve the integrity of your inventory to reduce assignment errors, capture revenue and increase the accuracy of reporting and utilization.

Reconcile the data in various telephone number repositories (e.g. OSS, NPAC, switch translations and billing records) to validate ownership and status and identify numbers not captured in billing systems. Stop revenue leaks by identifying and removing unbilled service. Ensure numbers in the Customer TN Inventory are native/available for selection and that snapped back numbers are properly recycled and available.

Directory Listing Audit

Reduce errors and omissions by validating list accuracy before the publisher prints.

Compare records at the directory listing publisher with your customer records to ensure all listings and non-publish requests are accurate. Small and medium businesses and professionals rely heavily on print directories; printed mistakes adversely impact their business for a year and can result in costly litigation.

Directory Listing Billing Audit

Stop paying for telephone numbers that are no longer yours.

Compare your telephone number ownership to the LEC directory listing invoices and Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) records. Identify business process improvements in number portability and disconnects to ensure listings are deleted and LEC charges end.

E911 Audit

Mitigate the risks of delayed emergency responses due to inaccurate or missing records.

Compare your customer records (telephone number, name and address) to the existing PSAP E911 records to ensure full emergency service coverage. Uncover and correct errors before they become a public safety issue.

Order Status Audit

Identify order status discrepancies to prevent fallout and speed order completion time.

Compare the order status between the Neustar Clearinghouse platform and your ordering or billing systems. Order status errors typically extend order completion time and delay fulfillment transactions for 911 and directory listings. Other issues include problems with subsequent order submissions and conditions that require engineering intervention.

End User Address Audit

Speed processing time by minimizing manual intervention.

Depending on ordering activity, your customers’ address format can vary. Ensure the integrity of the end user address by validating and equating multiple address formats needed to submit LSR and ASR, directory listing address, 911 address and billing address.

Network Inventory Audit

Identify billing discrepancies to lower ongoing costs.

Compare the network inventory CFA (Connecting Facility Assignment) to the LEC records to determine out-of-sync conditions. This audit can also include CABS billing records and LEC billing. We ensure the CFA status (spare / busy channel) and ECCKT (Exchange Carrier Circuit Identification) match LEC inventory to reduce fallout.

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