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Intelligent Analytics in the Telecom Industry

Neustar Communications Analytics: An Asset to Your Information


Neustar provides expert insight and analytics that enable businesses to utilize their data to create actionable information that can be specifically used to improve business efficiency, minimize risk and drive revenues.

Utilizing a managed service approach, Neustar puts tools in place that empower an organization to drive revenue intelligence. This enables managers to evaluate and forecast focusing on improving revenues while minimizing risks. Key measurable benefits include:

  • Superior ROI
  • Maximum throughput
  • Unmatched quality
  • Ultimate predictability
  • Thorough traceability
  • Simple scalability

Identify 10-15% margin improvement

Payback in minimum of 3 Months

The Big Picture

Right now, companies are collecting customer data from various sources, including IP info and TDM’s that produce user records and other types of valuable information. Most likely, systems are currently in place to collect and store this information, but chances are, these systems are all working individually and not looking at the big picture.

Neustar processes your information and applies our analytical expertise to better understand your data across your entire organization.

By analyzing this data fully, Neustar can outline cost saving improvements and identify customer behavior that will help you create more relevant targeted offers to decrease churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Neustar’s Communications Analytics is the solution that grows with you, allowing you to launch in full or as needed alongside your current systems.

Protect Your Performance

You could be losing up to 9% of Your Revenue

Services Overview

Revenue Assurance

  • Enhance forecasting with a comprehensive and accurate view of customer information and usage data
  • Validate billing by identifying lost revenue from incorrectly billed subscribers
  • Identify weaknesses to increase revenue by maximizing routing accuracy and identifying stranded network assets

Risk Management

  • Get real-time analysis on prospects, including validation of subscriber identity and information indicating past payment collection issues
  • Identify high-quality customers and dynamically manage their customer lifecycle across all of the products they use
  • Correlate subscriber purchases to patterns of historical fraud indicators
  • Obtain a detailed view of all subscriber data via an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive reports

Margin Management

  • Manage four dimensions of margin (costs, quality, capacity, and revenue) through interactive analytics
  • Fully hosted platform that provides Lower TCO as compared to on-site installation
  • Lower operational costs by identifying abnormal usage patterns in order to identify and shut down toll abuse quickly

Sales Performance Management

  • Manage dealer/agent sales performance Increase transparency – Drive sales behavior patterns to desired business outcomes
  • Improve take rates – Align Offers with customer behaviors to maximize opportunity

Solutions for your Pain Points

Mobile Operator

  • Optimize Margins for All Sources of Revenue
  • Detect Fraud and Abuse from Subscribers and Dealers Before it Happens
  • Assure Full Revenues for: Content, Video, Gaming, Dealers


  • Identify and Reach the Most Profitable Customers
  • Optimize offerings for: TV/VOD, Cross Domain Bundles, Gaming, Internet Access
  • Assure data integrity for all Orders and Provisioning


  • Secure the Most Valuable Customers
  • Assure Service Level Agreements are met
  • Focus on Major Service Offerings to drive revenues

Fix And NGN Operators

  • Reduce Revenue Leakage Across Your Entire Network
  • Detect Fraud Before it Happens
  • Ensure Full Dealer and Customer Satisfaction

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