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.CLUB CMO Shares Three Tips for new TLD Success

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.CLUB has sold over 65,000 domain names since launch, making it a best-selling new top-level domain (TLD). Neustar spoke with .CLUB CMO Jeff Sass on what it takes to succeed in a crowded marketplace.

1. Keep it simple.

There’s still quite a bit of confusion about the new domain extensions in the marketplace. Between Sunrise, Land Rush, Pre-Registration and General Availability, the process is quite complicated, and even more confusing to the buyer. To top it off, each registrar communicates the process to customers in a slightly different way.

As a best practice, new gTLDs should do everything possible to simplify that process. Make selling and buying your domains as easy as possible for both for your registrars and potential end-users. If you communicate your message clearly, and work to simplify your business terms, it will help a great deal.

2. Know your channel.

Channel partners are your gateway to customers. Pay close attention to the channel and manage your registrar relationships as if they are gold, because they are.

The bottom line: unless you are a registrar yourself, you need your distribution network to sell your name(s). The success of your new gTLD depends on a solid and consistent relationship with the channel.

3. Help your channel partners.

Be the best resource you can to help your channel partners sell your domain names. Monitor how they are presenting your domain and give them the data, tools, assets, information and support to ensure their success.

With new domain extensions being released every week, registrars are overwhelmed with work. Whatever you can do to make selling your domain easier will go a long way toward getting great placement and exposure.

Neustar is proud to provide Registry Services to the .Club domain name, one of more than 300 new top-level domain name customers like you. Learn more about Neustar’s Registry Services, from marketing and distribution to policy and security services.

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