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Neustar Caller Name Service

Authoritative data to identify “Who’s Calling?”


Caller Name service – the solution to identify and display the name and telephone number of the calling party – is a highly desired service that is expected by both subscribers and businesses. However, caller identification services as a whole, and more specifically Caller Name, are at an important crossroads: data accuracy and coverage have eroded; wireless data remains largely unavailable; and the transformation to IP enables new opportunities for fraud and identity tampering.

These realities drive expensive customer support costs for communications service providers (CSPs) who may not have insight or control over the identifying information that is displayed.

Innovative Solutions for Greater Accuracy and Trust

Neustar, the industry leader in Caller Name for over 15 years, enables subscribers and enterprises to more definitively identify who is attempting to contact them by telephone or by text. Our data is derived from and validated against highly authoritative sources. This enables Neustar to deliver the highest degree of clarity, accuracy and reliability in the industry which:

  • Eliminates awkward phrasing and avoids arbitrary truncations
  • Differentiates businesses vs. consumers
  • Assembles data in run-time to display a smartly truncated 15-character string or a full name up to 50+ characters
  • Delivers authoritative results that are verified using high-trust sources

Neustar helps you deliver a superior customer experience that reduces the number of customer support calls.

Neustar: Industry-Leading Calling Name Solutions Since 1999

CSPs have trusted Neustar as a reliable and rich source of Calling Name data and identity management that enables them to transform their caller identification services from an operational cost to a competitive advantage.

Our best-in-class data, information services and analytics capabilities apply proprietary methodologies to aggregate, build, cleanse and manage data to clearly and efficiently display the caller’s identity.

Calling Name is a core Neustar capability with ongoing investment and innovation for the future to:

  • Address future IP-based solutions around delivery, identification and authentication, and fraud (spoofing and swatting).
  • Deliver definitive results using proprietary methodologies and an unmatched breadth of client records.
  • Develop innovative solutions using Neustar’s full complement of services for legacy and emerging data solutions including SIP, ENUM and IP-related data services.

Our continued investment in the quality of our data, security and authentication services makes us the industry’s preferred partner for Caller Identi cation Services.

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