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Neustar CallerComplete


Call centers are key to building your brand and delivering on your company's promise — by providing superior customer service and sales excellence from the moment the conversation begins. With Neustar CallerComplete® from Neustar, agents have access to the caller's name and address associated with that phone number the instant they receive the call.

On-Demand Identification

The Neustar real-time query and response network returns data appended to a phone number in sub-second speed. Companies are able to seamlessly integrate CallerComplete into their existing call management systems and processes, resulting in a more comprehensive representation of the caller.

With CallerComplete from Neustar, you can:

  • Append authoritative name and address data to a phone number, including:
    • Secondary address
    • Delivery point verified addresses
    • Zip+4
  • Allow agents to focus on their primary function — customer service and acquisition

Why Choose CallerComplete

Improve operational efficiency

Agent call time is reduced by appending prospect or customer information the instant the call is answered, eliminating the need to transcribe name and address data when on the line with the caller. Additionally, the agent will know whether the caller's phone is commercial, residential or mobile.

Increase Sales and Improve the Customer experience

Without the burden of data collection, agents are free to concentrate on their primary functions — selling the product and delivering high-quality service.

Precise and Real-Time Data

Capturing accurate customer information for your CRM database results in more satisfied customers, superior customer service and less returned mail.

Data you Can trust

Neustar gives you instant access to hard-to-find contact information — mobile, VoIP and nonpublic phone data. With over 400 million consumer and business records — updated 10 times per day — you can be confident that the information delivered to your agent is accurate and current.

Find out how you can instantly access and append caller information with only a phone number — accurately and in real time.

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