Neustar Call Center Services

Consumer data is changing faster than ever before, making it increasingly difficult for companies to identify customers and prospects from a single piece of information. Whether identifying and containing existing customers within your IVR or providing differentiated and personalized treatment to new prospects, you need an accurate understanding of the caller to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Neustar Call Center Services™ identifies, qualifies, and segments inbound requests so you can provide the optimal customer experience.

We match the inbound phone number to records in the Neustar OneID® system, creating a complete customer profile including name, address, email, and any additional qualifying information such as demographic, behavioral, psychographic, and intent-based attributes. With enriched customer intelligence delivered in real time, your organization can provide the differentiated and personalized treatment necessary to fully monetize each engagement.

Increase Both Efficiency and Revenue

Increase inbound caller identification rates. Neustar continually updates the linkages between consumer name, address and phone information—including over 260 million mobile devices and over 400 million consumer and business records. Our data includes hard-to-find contact information such as mobile, VoIP and nonpublic phone data—so our match rates are second to none. With increased identification rates you can contain more callers within the IVR. Knowing who is on the other end of the line also enables you to successfully deliver differentiated treatment, improving the caller experience.

Reduce agent call times. Neustar matches the phone number associated with an inbound request to existing account-level information in real time. Without the burden of data collection, agents are free to concentrate on their primary functions—selling the product and delivering high-quality service.

Increase revenue per call. Increase top-line revenue by creating targeted consumer messaging based on score, segment or other predictive data contained within your company’s CRM system or provided by Neustar. Use demographic, psychographic, and behavioral attributes to personalize caller engagement and improve the customer experience

Why Neustar?

As the number of data sources used to feed customer intelligence to organizations increases, gaps between the data become more frequent. The inability to link those data sources across systems creates a fragmented view of your customer or prospect, resulting in a poor experience. By continuously corroborating, verifying, and appending missing information across customer records, the OneID system is able to link partial identifiers to fill in those gaps. With a 360-degree view of your caller you can ensure that agent screen pops are more accurate, and differentiated treatment is more personal and more relevant.

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