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Automation to Report and Manage Trouble Tickets


When trouble arises – as it undoubtedly will – everyone, from the originating provider to the end user customer, wants fast and complete resolution. Communications service providers (CSPs) who deliver service through interconnection with incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) and interexchange carriers (IXCs) must report service issues to the originating provider. This chain of trouble reporting – from subscriber to CSP to the carrier – is labor intensive, inefficient and expensive. And it takes time.

Streamline Trouble Ticket Administration

Neustar TroubleAdmin automates the exchange of trouble ticket data between CSPs and the originating carrier. In one web-base solution, TroubleAdmin supports trouble ticket reporting on circuits, facilities, and network elements including TDM and Ethernet and related systems. CSPs reduce the time, complexity and number of errors associated with trouble reporting and resolution with multiple trading partners.

  • Single interface for multiple providers. Neustar TroubleAdmin interconnects to multiple service providers, including AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier and Verizon, providing a single portal to input required ticket data, track submitted tickets, and monitor and report on status. All in real time.
  • Pre-submission validations. Built-in data validation ensures tickets meet the carrier-specific business rules before tickets are submitted, reducing error and delays. On-screen help provides business rules for each field.
  • Real-time dashboards. Dynamic views of the number of open, closed and cleared tickets allow users to easily monitor ticket status and updates, including open, cleared and closed.

Share data across different networks and report service problems quickly and efficiently.

  • Standard forms and fields
  • Upfront validation
  • Templates
  • Distinct required vs. optional fields
  • Auto escalation
  • Help (Alt + F2) field level
  • Usage and business rules

Neustar TroubleAdmin Features

  • Manage Trouble Tickets: Create, Add, Modify, Verify, Close, Cancel
  • Fallout management
  • Late bonding: manual to e-bond conversion
  • POTS service test support
  • Mechanized loop test (MTL) support: full test, quick test, loop test, tone test
  • Custom alerts, notifications (configurable)
  • Auto-escalations (configurable)

Enhanced Reporting

  • Troubled circuit report
  • Status reports
  • Open, closed, delayed
  • Notification type
  • Fallout
  • Delayed

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