Automated Self-Service Portal Helps Lower Order Fallout


Despite everyone’s best efforts, there are times when an order cannot be completed due to inaccurate or missing information – often an account number, PIN or address – that can only be provided by your customer. This missing or inaccurate information results in order fallout, delays, cancellations and lost revenue. Customer support reps make multiple attempts to reach customers by phone, but until they do, the order sits in fallout status. And no one – you or your customer – is happy.

Automation to Gather Information

Neustar Self Service Portal automates the information gathering process, giving customers a convenient and efficient way to provide the data needed to process their order. The service notifies your customer with an email or text message that their input is needed to complete their order, allowing customers to provide updates when it’s convenient for them at any time of the day or night.

Near Real-time Notifications and Automatic Updates

Neustar Self Service Portal solution notifies customers in near real time when additional information is required, enabling them to resolve order issues by text, email or phone call.

Notifications use your corporate branding and includes a unique verification code and a link to a secure site where they enter the information online. Once the information is received, processing automatically continues.

Both you and your customer are pleased.

Flexible and Adaptable

The Self Service Portal is adaptable to collect information to resolve any fallout that requires customer contact and can be adapted for every type of service: cable/wired, wireless, and every type of order: local, access, broadband.

  • Messages are certified to display on multiple devices, models and operating systems.
  • Branded notifications provide a consistent customer experience.
  • The service is an add-on solution to your existing process.
  • Notification language and timeframes are set by you.

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