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Neustar AdAdvisor Measurement Insights

Real-time Data So You Can Make More Informed Decisions and Take Action


The Marketer’s Dilemma

The top challenge related to digital attribution measurement is matching online campaigns to online and offline conversions. In fact, 72% of marketers say that the primary benefit of attribution is the improved ability to allocate budget across channels and improve ROI. Unfortunately, 58% of marketers feel they don’t have the appropriate tools or technology for real attribution so they can make that happen and achieve those KPIs.

Intelligence Across All Media Channels and Data Assets

Today’s fragmented digital media landscape is presenting a serious challenge for marketers. The sheer number of options – including multiple media channels and audience data choices – can be a crippling barrier to maximizing your ROI. Can you relate with any of the following scenarios?

  • You have to go through time-consuming, inefficient, manual analysis to pull and compare digital campaign outcomes across multiple analytics platforms so you can find meaningful insights at a holistic and strategic level.
  • You have missed out on real-time optimization opportunities across channels during the life of a campaign.
  • You’ve had to endure inaccurate attribution measurements, making it difficult to increase reach and conversions while trying to combine the right audiences and right media to drive a campaign.

If you answered yes to any of them, know that the days of siloed digital media investments and single story lines are over. And Neustar has the ideal solution for you.

Driving Measurable Results With Clear ROI Is Possible

What if you could identify:

  • 43% audience overlap across channels
  • An opportunity to scale a successful channel or audience by 30%
  • The optimal frequency mix across channels

And the optimization result was:

  • 15% cost savings and 20% more reach
  • 18% more conversions
  • 38% savings from channel reallocation and frequency capping

With Neustar AdAdvisor® Measurement Insights, brand marketers can gain actionable and real time insights from media and audience investments to drive higher ROI. We do this by connecting insights from:

  • Social media, including Facebook
  • Search marketing
  • Mobile
  • Your website data
  • Display advertising from all major
  • Publishers and media aggregators
  • Video and rich media
  • Email
  • Your CRM data
  • Your offline and online transaction data

With AdAdvisor Measurement Insights You Will Be Able To:

  • Drive increased conversions by discovering and tracking the best performing audiences and attributes;
  • Identify optimization opportunities for reach and frequency throughout the digital ecosystem by tracking touches across all channels and media;
  • Drive media mix decisions by discovering how to adjust campaign spend and allocate dollars to maximize reach while reducing overlaps and duplication.

How We Do It: Real-Time Data For Actionable Insights

AdAdvisor Measurement Insights organizes and manages all media and audience data – 1st, 2nd and 3rd party – so you get a complete picture of your digital marketing efforts. Moreover, the data in Measurement Insights is all actually reported, not projected or modeled – for accuracy you can depend on in real time. Plus, data insights let you examine results in real time for critical launches and other marketing events.

Robust Analytics For The Answers You Need

With the powerful analytics built into AdAdvisor Measurement Insights, you not only see your campaigns across the digital ecosystem, you also see how they’re impacting your consumers. Now you can understand who you’re reaching, and how often – and more effectively allocate your media dollars to reduce duplication, increase reach and optimize frequency.

Targeting insights to show you how your audiences are performing – with data loaded at the attribute level to give you the granular detail you need. Plus, virtually all data can be downloaded to Excel. 

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