AdAdvisor Audience Reference Guide


Learn how to navigate Neustar AdAdvisor and get the most out of our extensive suite of audiences

This user guide will provide a comprehensive overview of our vast audience catalog and teach you how to utilize the thousands of unique segments across all industry verticals. Whether you are interested in learning how to navigate our intuitive platform, build your own custom audiences, or gain a deeper understanding of applying and capitalizing on our solutions, we are here to help.

  • AdAdvisor Propensity Audiences
  • AdAdvisor Business Audiences
  • AdAdvisor Financial Audiences
  • AdAdvisor Political Audiences
  • AdAdvisor Mobile Audiences
  • HealthLink Dimensions Doctor Data Powered by Neustar
  • Comscore TV Audiences Powered by Neustar
  • AdAdvisor ElementOne Audiences

Neustar AdAdvisor is available within over 60 platform partnerships that enable us to activate our distinct segments across the digital marketplace, or internally, within our own Identity Data Management Platform.


If you have any additional questions, are looking for audience recommendations, or you are interested in learning more about the Neustar difference, please email our data advisors at AdPartnerships@team.neustar.

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