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Actionable Risk Intelligence

Identity matters. Whether you’re looking to improve customer experience, increase efficiency, mitigate fraud, or comply with regulations, it’s critical to know as much as possible about the consumer on the other end of the interaction.

Neustar fills in the gaps with the industry’s leading identity resolution. Use real-time intelligence to make effective decisions that ensure quality consumer engagements and enhance the bottom line.


Organizations want to meet consumer demands for a frictionless experience, but need to mitigate the financial and reputational risks associated with call center fraud and account takeover.

Neustar Risk Solutions delivers trusted and frictionless consumer interactions by providing “unstealable” consumer insights that identify who is at the other end of every interaction with certainty. Leverage an authoritative network of offline, digital, browsing footprint, and device identity data to authenticate and let legitimate customers through faster, while flagging risky transactions for additional verification.

Digital Identity Risk
Allow more legitimate transactions faster while flagging possible fraud by understanding the likelihood of the consumer’s digital identity matching their offline identity.

Inbound Authentication
Instantly identify and authenticate inbound callers to improve customer experience, reduce handle times, and mitigate fraud.

Outbound Risk
Reduce account takeover fraud and consumer friction via real-time intelligence on a phone’s risk level for SIM card swap, unauthorized number reassignment, or call forwarding.

Customer Identity

Customer Intelligence

Acquisitions, merged and siloed records, fractional identifiers, and the rapid change in consumer data leaves many CRM records inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated. Bringing that data together into a single view can be very difficult and expensive. A less-than-ideal CRM degrades your organization’s ability to scale outreach, personalize, and enhance your customer’s experiences.

It’s time to stop guessing. The more that’s known about customers, the more impactful customer interactions can be. The key is to have a system that accurately manages and actively repairs consumer records.

Whatever the state of your consumer data, Neustar can make it better. We ensure your information about your customers remains accurate, even as customer data changes over time, allowing you to have 360° view of your customers across all their activities.

Customer Identity Management
, synchronous management of consumer data to ensure records are accurate and complete, even as consumer data changes

Customer Identity File
One-time file transfer to clean, repair, and fill in gaps across existing CRM records for the best view of each customer.

Customer Operations

Neustar has the unique identity and device behavior insights needed to enable call centers to reach their consumers more efficiently and effectively, while reducing regulatory and brand reputation risks.

Close identity record gaps and prioritize optimal phone numbers for increased right-party contact rates. With continuously corroborated identity data from over 200 authoritative sources, including mobile network operations (MNO) data, Neustar drives more effective outbound calling strategies.

Customer Record Enhancement
Update your CRM with up to five additional phone numbers per record, including useful attributes, like phone type, in-service indicator, and risk associated with TCPA regulations.

Phone Behavior Intelligence
Generate more revenue per dial by knowing who to contact, which number to use, and the best day and time to contact them.

Caller Name Optimization
Ensure your outbound dials are not improperly blocked or spam-mislabeled.

Contact Compliance Risk
Improve operational efficiency and mitigate the risk of TCPA violations by having changes in client records proactively pushed to your database.

Outbound Risk
Mitigate the risk of incorrect contacts and account takeover fraud via real-time intelligence on a phone’s risk level for SIM card swap, unauthorized reassignment, or call forwarding.

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