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Neustar for Automotive Marketing


Actionable Intelligence for the Auto Industry

Marketers in the automotive industry are increasingly savvy with the use of consumer insights and marketing analytics to optimize both their resources and budgets. Manufacturers, dealers and their agencies are also under increasing pressure to improve how they interact with prospective buyers in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Today, automotive marketers are turning to Neustar for solutions that help them find the right buyers, communicate with them in well timed and relevant ways to get the most out of their marketing dollars and effort invested. Neustar's Identification, Verification, Scoring and Marketing Analytics solutions help manufacturers and dealers alike improve their prospect and customer communications, marketing strategies and customer experiences.

Improving the Car and Truck Buying Experience from Lead to Purchase

A successful marketing campaign has many components based on specific strategic and tactical goals. An ever increasing number of automotive marketers trust Neustar to help identify the "best” leads, better understand who those prospective buyers are and how to compellingly message to them and, ultimately, connect with and convert them.

With Neustar solutions, marketers can spend their time and resources on initiatives that will help them reach relevant prospective buyers immediately. Neustar also helps ensure a shared definition of what a "good” lead is when working with third party vendors. This helps everyone identify prospective buyers and find more look a likes who are most predisposed to their brand. By understanding the "ideal” audience, the best marketers are adapting their marketing message to be more relevant.

A 360° Approach for Automotive Marketers

Neustar is the trusted provider of consumer insights and solutions that empower marketing teams across the automotive industry to make actionable decisions when interacting with large volumes of consumers — one interaction at a time.

To successfully execute a comprehensive marketing strategy businesses need to understand their customers, where to find prospects that look like them, how to reach them, how to message to them and much more. Neustar has invested heavily in the automotive market over the years and now offers a suite of interactive and real-time solutions and a comprehensive approach to marketing in this space.

The Strategic Approach to Automotive Marketing Analytics

The Neustar ElementOne® Analytics Platform is a web-based tool that helps OEMs understand their buyers in the US and provides the insights to create a strategy to find more lookalike prospects both on and offline. Using ElementOne, brand teams can communicate with potential buyers using the right message via the most appropriate media channel.

ElementOne provides unmatched granularity at the household level so brand teams can accurately segment using their own purchase data, syndicated data or a combination of both. With this insight, marketers not only grow core segments but also identify underserved markets and then execute targeted media planning, evaluate market potential, customize messaging and offer-crafting by segment and location.

The Benefits — Maximize the effectiveness of marketing dollars with accuracy, insight and speed by knowing exactly who to target, which channels to use and what message to deliver all with the power of ElementOne Analytics Platform.

Verified Audience Targe2ting Solutions

Neustar AdAdvisor® is a suite of data-driven audience targeting solutions that start with verified, scalable offline data to provide portable, cross-platform online targeting. AdAdvisor's data comes from reliable offline data about nearly every US household, based on hundreds of proprietary sources. We connect our automotive clients to the highest quality online audiences most predisposed to a specific brand, product or service.

The Benefits — Clients instantly get quality data, audience reach, proprietary analytics, a direct delivery network and privacy by design for the best of audience identification in online display advertising.

Actionable, In-The-Moment Insights

Neustar Custom Segmentation delivers insights behind a prospective automotive buyer to uncover more about the household through demographics, attitudes, behaviors, lifestyle, media/channel data and auto specific attributes. Brand and marketing teams can quickly create custom segments to drive more intelligent strategic marketing activities for a multi-channel approach with messaging and outreach. Furthermore, segmentation enables the identification of key growth opportunities in the market and performance benchmarking.

The Benefits — Automotive marketers can now instantly go beyond a score and create compelling and relevant messages on-the-fly for their audience to turn more leads into car and truck buyers.

Identify Your Best Leads

Automotive marketers often just need to know the answer to simple Yes/No questions: “Is this consumer likely to purchase a sedan;” or “is this a high value SUV buyer?” Neustar is the trusted third party provider of Lead Scoring for marketers that want to predict a specific behavior or answer an important question about a buyer. Access to this insight at the moment of interaction allows companies to optimize their internal processes, improve the lead experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

The Benefits — Using a client's data to build a custom model or using a standardized model, Neustar's Lead Scoring solutions instantly deliver the insights to evaluate leads for customizing offers and experiences, ultimately leading to higher conversions.

Next Generation Verification for the Auto Market

Neustar offers a suite of On Demand Verification solutions that provide a simple approach to verify that the consumer information provided is accurate and actionable. We query leads against Neustar's authoritative insight engine, IANSM, at the moment of interaction to verify anything from a single contact point to multiple identifiers — phone number, mailing address, email address, wireless number, etc. By not only validating these identifiers are accurate, but also going the crucial step further verifying that the information provided belongs to that prospective automotive buyer, clients can answer questions such as is the phone linked to the name? Is the phone mobile? Is the physical or email address linked to that name?

The Benefits — On Demand Verification delivers the answers that give our clients the confidence to determine the best way to reach their prospects. By verifying the accuracy of the submitted information with Neustar clients have the tools to increase contact rates. Furthermore, with On Demand Verification, automotive marketers reduce the volume of leads returned to lead vendors and, ultimately, manufacturers increase dealership morale and productivity by helping to focus resources on verified and contactable leads.

Actionable Insights for Web site Optimization

PageAdvisorSM offers the ability to personalize Web site landing pages to drive more conversions based on offline consumer data. Neustar delivers ElementOne analytic insights on households the instant a lead visits a Web site or landing page and before any lead form information is captured.

The Benefits — Instantly display the optimal message and content to site visitors to increase engagement with potential car buyers, increase their likelihood to take action and enable the synchronization of messaging across marketing channels.

Meet IANSM — The Engine Driving Actionable Insights

Neustar is the trusted real-time information services and analytics provider, and the only one with IAN (Identifiers, Attributes and Network), the authoritative on demand insight engine. IAN powers a broad suite of complementary, multichannel consumer information solutions — including Identification, Verification, Scoring, Location, Caller ID, Online Display Ad Audience Targeting and Real-Time Analytics — so clients can make informed, actionable decisions in real-time when interacting with large volumes of consumers, one interaction at a time. As a result, America's top brands rely on Neustar's authoritative, current and secure solutions to improve targeting, increase conversion rates, optimize customer experiences, and reduce transactional risks and costs. 

Neustar delivers a comprehensive approach OEM's success by helping their marketing teams:

  • Increase Contactability and Determine Best Contact Channel for prospective buyers by verifying in real-time the accuracy of contact information provided: phone, email address and/or mailing address.
  • Instantly Identify prospective buyers with the highest likelihood to purchase for in-the-moment decision making.
  • Understand Who their Best Customers are and get deep insights to know where and how to find more of them.
  • Dynamically Tailor your Web Sites for each site visitor for an improved visitor experience.


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