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Neustar AccountLink® was created for enterprises that receive a vast number of inbound calls and need to increase their call center efficiencies and reduce costs while improving the customer experience. AccountLink can meet these needs by increasing IVR containment, optimizing call routing and personalizing caller treatment with comprehensive household data and a real-time delivery network. This robust service requires a significant level of expertise to realize the full potential and to be prepared for the various use cases.

Your Customers Aren't the Same, So Why Should Their Experience?

AccountLink matches inbound callers based on a single identifier to return a match from the client's CRM. By delivering immediate linkages between inbound callers and CRM, organizations can maximize customer interactions the moment they call. Your logic and business rules are combined with Neustar's insights and real-time platform to deliver a unique service with huge results.

To achieve the maximum return on investment with AccountLink, Neustar includes a Professional Services package for every client. A consultative approach with an AccountLink expert – assigned by Neustar – has been proven to increase internal adoption, improve execution of strategic goals and streamline operational efficiencies.

The Path to Better Customer Experience

Professional Services was built off of the Neustar Lifecycle Services Approach which groups together a set of activities necessary for client success when integrating, planning and executing on AccountLink in your organization. From start-to-finish, Professional Services has offerings that guide our clients through the AccountLink lifecycle to ensure successful implementation and execution. It is a framework for easy interpretation of the services and necessary support activities.

Service Overview & Benefits:

AccountLink consultants have years of customer service experience designing, deploying, and supporting data services and will work with you to ensure your program is successful.

With Professional Services, you can have the expert support you need to leverage AccountLink with no additional head count or resources throughout the service lifecycle:

Assess and Advise

Pre and post-contract workshops to influence customer business solutioning and execute a high-level scope of the professional service engagement.

  • Realize potential lift in identification with a thorough analysis of your CRM database against AccountLink.

Plan and Design

Post-contract efforts to build detailed CRD, project WBS, timing, and other project requirements.

  • Increase in campaign readiness from the start with a high-level implementation plan/roadmap for planning and organization.

Build and Implement

Services to build a custom AccountLink data adapter and implement the associated transactional best practices.

  • Real time connection to data with an expert on-hand to test the system and monitor the timeline.


Subscription services to provide monthly consultation to optimize the ongoing use of AccountLink.

  • Optimize call center performance with access to an expert that will identify areas for improvement and discover data points of importance.


Subscription based technical or operational customer support to answer basic technical or operational questions.

  • Increase staff confidence with a dedicated support line.


Subscription (or number of sessions) training services to educate your company and users on associated products and services.

  • Grow internal AccountLink capabilities with access to training services through web-based, video conferencing, and 'in-person' training.

Why Neustar Professional Services

Realize the full potential of your call center with personalized services from Neustar. Backed by years of experience in data services, we enable you to successfully leverage information and analytics to make the right business decisions. Whether you are trying to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency or turn your call center into a revenue center, we have the right service and expertise that can help you achieve your goals. Neustar is your single, most trusted source of insights and analytics.

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