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AccountLink: Frictionless Fraud Prevention

On an inbound call, are you able to instantly identify who is calling so you can provide superior service without falling victim to a fraudster?

Our experience with Fortune 500 clients and analysis of more than 300 million consumer records tells us that you probably can’t. The challenge is the rapid pace of change in consumer data coupled with increased call spoofing by fraudsters.

On one hand you need to identify who is calling so you can handle the call as efficiently as possible to minimize costs while providing superior service, but on the other hand you need to be cautious so you don’t fall victim to a fraudster. Unless you have the most up to date consumer data and capability to identify the caller and match to your CRM, you will be challenged in both ways.

Neustar AccountLink solves your challenge. Now you can instantly identify the caller using Neustar’s OneID® system, match the consumer to your CRM, pull up critical consumer information and route the call for superior service, all the while preventing falling victim to a fraudster. All in milliseconds.

Consumers are increasingly expecting personalized experience.

No matter which channel they’re using to interact with a company, consumers expect an exceptional experience each time, which requires the organization to know who’s at the other end of the line. Despite the extraordinary amount of data that is being gathered by organizations, many companies continue to struggle with identifying consumers early on during the interaction. This is mainly because organizations don’t have the systems in place to make the most out of their data, but also because the information they do have is frequently outdated.

Personalized interactions can also help increase revenue per call by routing the caller to the agent who can best handle the consumer’s queries. Organizations have extensive data about their consumers, such as purchase history, loyalty, and lifetime value. Having this information in hand at the beginning of the interaction can help an agent determine how best to serve that consumer. If, for example, the caller has a high lifetime value but recently complained about a negative experience, the caller can be directed to an experienced agent who knows how to handle such a situation.

Improve operations by linking your enterprise data to Neustar’s authoritative contact intelligence.

Routing calls when appropriate to the IVR will reduce the number of consumers who are able to self-serve and don’t need to speak with an agent. Not only does this translate into savings, but it also frees agents to interact with consumers who really need them rather than ones who were willing to self-serve but unable to do so.

  • Decrease operational expenses — Triage incoming calls before routing callers to an agent to resolve more inquiries in the IVR
  • Maximize relevant consumer interactions — Create targeted consumer messaging based upon your rich CRM data, including the ability to leverage third party data already housed in your CRM system, to maximize skills based marketing
  • Increase satisfaction — Identify high-value consumers

Why Neustar AccountLink?

In real time, one consumer interaction at a time, AccountLink improves your business’s ability to efficiently and cost effectively manage high volumes of consumer interactions by employing the full power of Neustar’s unmatched, real-time OneID® system, which continuously corroborates, verifies and appends consumer identifiers, attributes and information.

With 11 billion daily updates to consumer date, Neustar is proactively giving you the most accurate, up-to-date contact information; meaning you have the right information, right now to identify consumers the instant they contact you.

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