Episode 1

Allyson Dietz and Devon DeBlasio - The Trouble with Identity: Demystifying Consumer Data

“Identity is in the eye of the beholder. It could be your name, address, phone, email...the last website you looked at...the last product you bought. Or the combination of all of those things wrapped up into one neat package.”- Devon DeBlasio

In the first episode of No Hype, our hosts Allyson and Devon explore how consumer identity and data collection isn’t as black and white as it seems. They demystify one of the most widely misunderstood topics of the marketing and analytics world to help you better understand what defines consumer identity today, and what must change tomorrow. Join them as they uncover the data science behind identity and examine the relationships between brands and consumers.

And most importantly, they explain why a new approach to consumer identity is critical in times of great change.

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