Reverse Impact of Negative Calling Experiences with Branded Calling

In 2020, U.S. consumers received more than 49.5 billion robocalls, 45% of those were scams. As a result, it’s no surprise that customers don’t answer the phone – leading to missed appointments, lost revenue, and critical information not getting through.

U.S. regulators and service providers are working hard to solve the massive problem of illegal robocalls. Check out this infographic which features key findings from a recent Omdia survey of 100 leading U.S. companies and government agencies that make large volumes of automated outbound calls.

Ensuring phone calls are part of your omnichannel, digital customer experience and implementing Neustar Branded Call Display (BCD) which lets customers know it’s you calling – so they answer the phone – are essential to improving the customer call experience, increasing answer rates, and reversing revenue loss.

Download the infographic to learn more.

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