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Neustar is an approved Certification Authority and co-author of the STIR certificate management standards. We play an integral role in the governance structure for STIR/SHAKEN and are at the forefront of the industry's quest to mitigate illegal robocalling and call spoofing.

Download the eBook to learn our experts’ answers to:

  1. What is STIR/SHAKEN?
  2. How does STIR/SHAKEN stop illegally spoofed calls?
  3. How do call regulations impact communication service providers?
  4. Why is STIR/SHAKEN the best solution to stop illegal caller ID spoofing?
  5. What types of calls does STIR/SHAKEN address? How will non-IP calls be handled?
  6. How are calls attested to with STIR/SHAKEN?
  7. How can a service provider implement STIR/SHAKEN if they only have traditional TDM , and not SIP ?
  8. What regions have adopted STIR/SHAKEN?
  9. What should service providers do to implement STIR/SHAKEN?
  10. What solutions are available to help service providers implement STIR/SHAKEN?
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