STIR/SHAKEN and Inbound Authentication FAQ

STIR/SHAKEN makes it harder for fraudsters to take over consumer accounts via call spoofing—a common tactic bad actors employ to attempt to impersonate customers. However, inbound call centers face multiple fraud vectors that revolve around the identity of the caller. That threat must be addressed by other analytics tools, without adding friction to the authentication experience. STIR/SHAKEN provides important signal into, but does not substitute for, inbound caller authentication solutions.

Discover how STIR/SHAKEN call authentication and inbound caller authentication combine to block out fraudsters while letting legitimate customers through faster. Download this FAQ to learn answers to the following questions:

  1. What is STIR/SHAKEN call authentication?
  2. Are carriers required to implement STIR/SHAKEN?
  3. Does STIR/SHAKEN protect inbound call centers from phone fraud?
  4. Will STIR/SHAKEN stop all phone-channel account takeover attempts?
  5. What types of STIR/SHAKEN data will enterprises be able to obtain?
  6. How will enterprises obtain STIR/SHAKEN data to assess calls?
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