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Learn What STIR/SHAKEN Means for Your Enterprise

STIR/SHAKEN is Confusing, You're Not Alone

The increase in unwanted or nuisance calls is happening around the world. The Global Robocall Radar Report highlighted a 325% growth in spam calls worldwide in 2018.

Today, enterprises - contact centers specifically - are already facing falling contact rates, mostly due to incorrect spam labeling and call blocking. It's an additional 20% drop in what were already historically low contact rates. What happens when every single device and handset now presents a block that each enterprise needs to traverse before reaching a consumer?

The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) top consumer protection priority is stopping illegal robocalls, as shown by the recent ruling to grant carriers the ability to roll out anti-robocall tools by default, instead of optional by consumer choice. Additionally, the FCC has directed carriers to implement robust call authentication by adopting STIR/SHAKEN standards targeting the end of 2019. Don't worry if the conversation around STIR/SHAKEN is confusing to you, you're not alone.

To learn about STIR/SHAKEN, and what it means for enterprises like yours, download the Neustar STIR/SHAKEN 101 Q&A Guide.

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