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What is an IP Address?

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. Dynamic IP addresses are often used in network to avoid the administrative burden of assigning specific static addresses to each device on a network and to allow many devices to share limited address space on a network if only some of them will be online at a particular time

What information can be obtained from an IP address?

The IP address has traditionally been used as an indicator of device or network geographic location. Geo-IP data has been used in the online advertising industry since the beginning to help publishers determine if a user is located in San Francisco or Singapore. The IP address contains no personally identifiable information (PII) and is generally used for more general targeting purposes to reach larger groups of users by geographic location, network type, connection type, business type, etc.

How does Neustar get the IP Info?

Neustar IP Intelligence has built the science behind tracking IP addresses all over the world. Our database takes input from several different sources and proprietary backend technology makes sense of it all. Much of the info is public information, but Neustar has also built a worldwide network to understand IP routing and a unique feedback loop from our clients to continually evolve with the changing landscape. Neustar employs network geographers who study networks around the world. We bring human IP to network IP.

How can Neustar IP Intelligence target by IP?

While IP intelligence has been around for many years, the ability to effectively target advertising by audience, based on IP is very new. Neustar IP Intelligence is currently working with select DSP platforms to buy impressions off of the exchanges based on the IP address rather than cookies. This has only been possible with the recent emergence of real time bidding (RTB). The secret sauce is in understanding the IP and the methodology necessary for targeting ads appropriately against it.

Is an IP Address like a cookie?

No, an IP address only identifies devices on a network. The IP address does not contain any PII and does not track or store any consumer usage or behavioral information.

Product Specific Questions

Q1: How does the process work?

The process works exactly like any advertising network. Instead of buying inventory based on a cookie, Neustar is buying inventory based on an IP address. We run the targeting specifics against our proprietary database and create a custom IP list to target against. Neustar has set up relationships with partners that have built the functionality for this to work end-to-end for our advertisers.

Neustar offers a full service ad network. Brand marketers who wish to advertise using IP Audience Targeting can work directly with Neustar to determine custom IP placements, run campaigns, optimization, reporting and billing. Much like any traditional online publisher or online ad network, Neustar manages the entire process.

What is the technology that enables v1.0 of IP Audience Targeting?

User Type data. This allows us to work with brands to target by audience, at the organizational level. See more on the User Type data we sell. HTTP://WWW.QUOVA.COM/WHAT/DATA-FIELDS/

How does Neustar deliver its ads?

We use industry standard methods for delivering our ads, but what makes our approach special is that we bake in the IP data before delivering the inventory with our network partners, which allows us to target display ad campaigns to a specific business or organization. We obtain inventory from ad exchanges, but have our own ad server.

What difference does IP targeting make for display advertising?

IP targeting allows marketers to target scalable audiences based on accurate geolocation, business categories, connection type and a host of other effective IP indicators. Anyone advertising online would be a competitor

What advantages does IP targeting have over contextual or cookie targeting?

IP targeting offers the ability to target large scale audiences in specific geographic regions, network characteristics like connection type, line speed or top level domain, by business type and even specific enterprise/large companies by name. IP targeting does not track individual behaviors or usage patterns, but instead targets larger groups of people in a far less intrusive way.

What standards or specifications for ad sizes do you use?

IAB standard Specs for creative, tagging, account management.

Will I have a dedicated Account Manager?


How often do I receive reports?

Weekly. And, by request.

Will I be able to see exactly what publishers are running my ads?

Neustar offers full transparency on the sites in our network. We can share a range of sites that your ads might be running, so you may see a list of publishers but not necessarily the precise location of a specific ad. This is an industry standard practice, and is controlled by the network and publishers, not Neustar.

We do offer our clients the ability to block certain sites or choose to run in certain categories, but we do not allow advertisers to choose individual sites for placement.

Is anyone else offering IP targeted display advertising solutions at this time?

Neustar is the first and only company targeting advertising by IP off of the exchanges or other inventory partners.

I am time/resource constrained, as we are a start-up, how many different types of creative do you recommend we need optimally?

We encourage advertisers to use several different creative, but only one is necessary to begin a campaign.

What is the average CPM?

As with any other ad solution provider, CPM can vary greatly depending upon the parameters of the campaign. We can work with you to help you achieve your branding objectives on any budget. In our weekly reporting, you have full visibility into your spend and total control over your budget.

How long does it take to implement my campaign(s) after we approve the I/O?

3-5 business days depending on the size of the campaign. Large scale custom applications may require longer.

How much does it cost?

Cost will vary depending on your targeting parameters and scale. There is no such thing as an industry standard – variables include creative, publisher inventory, and timing of the campaign.

What is the minimum campaign investment required?


How do I get started?

Call US: 877.572.4581 or UK: +44 (0)11 897 10420

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