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Neustar AdAdvisor New Mover Data FAQs


WHY is NEW MOVER Data So Valuable?

Within three months of relocating, people who have recently moved residences will spend more on goods and services than non-movers do over a five-year period. Home relocation generates a wave of spending activity, from home furnishings to home care to electronics and communication services. Typical offline new mover data is 30-90 days old. Neustar AdAdvisor® NEW MOVER data allows marketers to target households within weeks of a move.

WHO is Included in the NEW MOVER Audience?

AdAdvisor powered NEW MOVER data represents the portion of the US population that has moved within a given month. The audience is updated several times monthly to ensure all household relocations are captured and current.

WHAT is the Source of AdAdvisor's NEW MOVER Data?

AdAdvisor is powered by IANSM activities that indicate when person(s) move into a new house or residence, updated weekly. For instance, the IAN data repository receives new phone connection information from virtually all of the telecommunication providers in the United States.

WHEN is AdAdvisor's NEW MOVER Data Most Applicable?

NEW MOVER Data is relevant to marketers offering services in many different categories, such as home improvement, retail, home furniture & décor, home insurance, home security, telecom, banking, and fitness.

WHERE is AdAdvisor's NEW MOVER Audience Data Accessible?

The NEW MOVER data is available through media partners with a direct integration into AdAdvisor. The audiences are offered on a monthly basis and refreshed regularly. Please consult your AdAdvisor Account Executive for more specific information on pricing and accessibility.

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