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Neustar AdAdvisor Net Asset Value (NAV) FAQs


What is AdAdvisor's Net Asset Value (NAV)?

Net Asset Value is a proprietary metric based on verified offline data that can be used to gain insight on high net-worth and low net-worth households to drive targeting decisions. This measure predicts liquid net-worth at the household level. With Net Asset Value, marketers can identify high net-worth and low net-worth households who are more likely to be interested in and able to afford certain types of products and services.

What are the data sources fueling NAV?

Neustar AdAdvisor® NAV helps marketers understand the value of a household’s liquid assets, such as stocks, bonds, cash and annuities. It is derived from detailed consumer insights on their household investment and cash flow, and enables companies to evaluate share of wallet, potential product fit, and focus marketing and sales efforts online to those households with available financial assets.

How is NAV determined?

Net Asset Value builds on Neustar’s proprietary ElementOne® Analytics Platform that allows organizations to identify and reach their best audiences with ultimate precision. Only ElementOne’s granular segmentation system groups homogenous clusters of US households into highly predictive and actionable customer segments that can be leveraged in real time for both online and offline audience targeting. The financial data that fuels the NAV insights model is the Federal Reserve Board’s Survey of Consumer Finance. This data is collected using sophisticated sampling techniques, including significant over-sampling among the normally difficult to find, highest income households in the United States. The survey collects extensive data about family balance sheets, pensions, incomes, and demographics to provide deep insight into participating household finances. Insights derived from this data even go beyond the typical $100,000 liquid net-worth ceiling, providing differentiation between households with net investable assets of $100,000, and those with $2 million or more.

When is AdAdvisor's NAV most applicable?

This financial insight derived from NAV can be leveraged to target both high and low net-worth households across automotive, financial, retail, travel, and other advertising verticals. For example, if you're trying to reach consumers who are an ideal prospect for an investment service, you could customize investment package offerings based on their ability to purchase those services.

Where can I access AdAdvisor's NAV for digital targeting?

AdAdvisor's NAV is available through media partners with a direct integration into AdAdvisor. Please consult your AdAdvisor Account Executive for more specific information on accessibility.

Commitment to Privacy

Neustar is committed to the responsible use of personal information to help businesses make better decisions and deliver personalized content without sacrificing individual privacy. To accomplish this goal, we have adopted "Privacy by Design" principles, taking personal privacy into consideration throughout the process of designing, building, and delivering information products and services. AdAdvisor cookies do not contain or convey personal information about consumers. For extra protection, AdAdvisor cookies are encrypted. Neustar is an active member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). All users have the ability to opt out of AdAdvisor by visiting or the DAA at

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