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The most innovative brands in the world depend on Neustar Registry to deliver more creativity, higher engagement and deeper insight.

Hundreds of global brands are now on the road to setting up their own Internet namespace, called a ".brand" Top-Level Domain. To date, there are just over 600 organizations in the entire world that have been granted the right to launch and manage a .brand domain — more than half being Fortune 500 companies. Neustar Registry is proud to support nearly 200 of these .brand pioneers, helping them to reinvent what it means to build a powerful brand in today's connected world.

Creativity: Discover new forms of creative expression and storytelling

As the digital landscape reinvents itself with thousands of new domain extensions, your .brand becomes a springboard for creativity. Every product, service and campaign becomes more memorable and delightful when you connect it to a branded namespace. As a Neustar Registry client, you'll increase awareness and brand recall because you'll stand apart from the crowd. The result is a whole new level of marketing innovation.

Engagement: Connect and engage with customers in new ways

Fresh experiences deepen customer engagement and create relationships that last. New .brand domain extensions allow you to take localization and personalization to the extreme. Your partners and customers can have experiences that are tailored to their needs. Loyalty programs get much more interesting when people get intuitive URLs based on their own names.

Insight: Market with precision by gaining insight from information

How well do you know your customer? When you control the entire domain ecosystem, you — and only you — gain access to new data sources. You can see what domain names are not resolving and analyze traffic patterns at the top-most level, then increase intimacy as you apply what you've learned. Neustar Registry helps you control your destiny and maximize the value of a branded namespace.


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