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Privacy Principles

Updated: August 16, 2021

These Privacy Principles will be reviewed at least annually, updated as needed, and adopted by Neustar’s leadership.

Neustar uses data to help our customers conduct business, serve their customers, deliver personalized content, prevent fraud, and fight cybersecurity and other malicious behavior without sacrificing personal privacy. These Privacy Principles govern our collection, use, storage, and disclosure of Personal Information. You can learn more about Privacy at Neustar in the Neustar Privacy Statement. We will keep privacy in mind as we design, build, and deliver our products and services.

  1. Transparency: We will “say what we do and do what we say.”  That means we will clearly explain:
    1. What kinds of Personal Information we collect; 
    2. Why we are collecting Personal Information; and
    3. How we plan to use Personal Information.
  2. Purpose Limitation/Adequacy: Our “say what we do and do what we say” policy also means we will use and disclose Personal Information in the manner and for the purposes described.
  3. Lawful Basis: We will process personal data for proportionate and legitimate legal purposes, in order to carry out our business or in the interests of our clients. When we interact directly with individuals, we will seek their consent to collect, use, and disclose Personal Information. We will require third-party providers of Personal Information to do so as well.
  4. Collection Limitation/Necessity: We will only collect Personal Information that is relevant for the purposes we have explained.
  5. Data Minimization: We will dispose of Personal Information when we no longer need it for the purposes we have explained.
  6. Data Quality: We will take reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Information used to make important decisions about individuals is accurate and up-to-date.
  7. Security: We will take reasonable steps to safeguard Personal Information.
  8. Data Subject Rights: We will provide choice when possible, and honor any rights an individual may have under applicable law, including transparency, access, confirmation, deletion/erasure, opt-out, etc.
  9. Sensitive Personal Data: Neustar will limit its processing of sensitive personal data, including information about children, in compliance with applicable law.
  10. Prevention and Accountability: We will develop and comply with policies, practices, and procedures designed to implement Privacy by Design and ensure compliance with applicable law. We will educate employees and contractors about their privacy obligations and monitor their compliance with our privacy policies and privacy laws.