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Use & Brand Propensity Audiences (Modeled Data)

  • Vitamins/Minerals
  • Headache/Pain Reliever
  • Sore Throat Remedies
  • Eye Drops/Eye Wash use and likely brand Obtain Medical Insurance Via
  • Facial Cleansing Product
  • Contact Lenses
  • Feminine products
  • Cough Syrup
  • First Aid/Bandages/Antibiotic
  • Cold/Allergy/Sinus Remedy
  • Pain Relieving Rubs/Liquids/Wraps


You may not use ElementOne and/or AdAdvisor audience insights in connection with alcohol advertising unless you:

  • Target audiences in the United States or Canada only
  • Act in compliance with all applicable laws
  • Comply with industry standards including, as applicable:
    • The 2011 Distilled Spirits Council Code of Responsible Practices, including the Digital/Social Media Marketing Guidelines
    • The Beer Institute Advertising and Marketing Code and Guidelines
    • Wine Institute Code of Advertising Standards
  • Do not target individuals below the legal drinking age, and/or pregnant women
  • Do not imply that drinking alcohol can improve social, sexual, professional, intellectual, or athletic standing
  • Do not imply that drinking alcohol provides health or therapeutic benefits
  • Do not portray excessive drinking in a positive light or feature binge or competition drinking
  • Do not show alcohol being consumed in conjunction with the operation of machinery or a vehicle of any kind or the performance of any task requiring alertness or dexterity
  • Do not depict violent or degrading behavior


Use of voter records are generally restricted to non-commercial political purposes, such as educational communications concerning an election, candidate for election, elected official, political or policy issue, or governmental proceeding, policy or process. By accessing or using any record containing voter records, you certify that you will abide by all restrictions for use of such data, and that you will use the data for non-commercial political or other expressly permitted purposes. You further certify that your use will comply with all applicable state laws governing the use of voter registration information.