Neustar's marketing solutions enable companies across the healthcare and pharmaceutical ecosystems to create targeted and cost-effective campaigns in a privacy-first manner.

The pandemic forced providers to shift resources to COVID-19 treatment and away from traditional mainstays of primary and elective services, diagnostics, and therapeutic development. As our communities evolve into their own “new normal”, providers can build individuals' awareness of the need to be proactive about their health and wellness. Today's marketplace requires an approach that goes beyond “digital-first”… rather, a playbook that involves three key components:

  1. Creating current and prospective patient segments around your organization's focus areas
  2. Instituting a framework that enables you to run campaigns while protecting patients' protected health information (PHI)
  3. Optimizing campaigns and measuring effectiveness by channel by increased propensity of patients to seek treatment

Health Check: CRM Cleanse

Historically, over 20% of consumers change their address each year, leaving inaccurate and incomplete patient records (source: USPS). The pandemic has likely exacerbated this pattern as so many lives have been upended. Neustar helps brands identify and validate a consumer's identity from a single input, such as address, phone number or existing email. We append your CRM data with more accurate identity data, including associated name, to improve the quality of customer intelligence across your organization. Accurate patient information translates to more accurate campaign targeting and outreach efforts because the right prospects are matched to the program. All this critical workflow is done in a de-identified (PHI) and de-personalized (PII) framework.

Patient Perspective: Understand Markets and Communities

With your data in order, it's time to better understand patients who have historically used your services and how that translates to your patient acquisition strategy. The ability to append data to your past, current and prospective patients allows healthcare organizations to build a holistic profile of patients and communities and identify their specific needs.

Neustar ElementOne helps you determine who to target; which channels you should be leveraging to get your message out; what messaging will resonate with your target audience; and the best places to deploy your marketing resources. You can also identify lookalike prospects/high-propensity patients to target in your campaigns. Neustar enables these capabilities by passing data via a token rather than sharing PHI.

Privacy-First Campaign Activation

The pandemic accelerated media fragmentation and device proliferation, fundamentally changing digital marketing. For example, consider your own habits around the breadth of programming sources you consume (cable channels, streaming services, social media, etc.) and the volume of devices (e.g., TV, tablet, phone). This means you need to work with a service that has a deep, reliable database that includes intelligence around programming consumption and device usage. Neustar can syndicate your target audiences and segments across our extensive ecosystem of media partners to help you engage your optimal patients. All this data needs to be unified and matched in a single database to help ensure efficient and non-duplicative delivery of campaigns to your target audiences in a de-identified (PHI) and de-personalized (PII) framework.

Healthy Measurement and Analytics

Before getting to the fun part of dissecting reports and creating actionable insights, there's critical work to be done around gathering data. This starts with overcoming typical data silos within your organization, but also extends to collecting data from large social media partners. Once you have this single view of the patient, you can understand which marketing efforts (at the channel and campaign levels, and broken down by service line) are most impactful for driving patient volume. Neustar Unified Analytics, powered by Fabrick, is the only end-to-end marketing analytics solution that provides both cross-platform and user-level measurement across on- and offline channels, including ‘walled gardens.' Our solutions also empower health systems to quantify the impact of increases in patient satisfaction scores and calculate important financial metrics like patient contribution margin.

Digital Marketing As a Building Block

As with any business, product (quality of care) and value are the foundations of the healthcare business. Scaling your business requires targeting the right consumers with services most critical to your organization and the communities you serve — then ensuring cost-effective delivery of your programs through measurement, analytics and optimization. Each organization has its own unique challenges; Neustar can be the partner to help you overcome those challenges and establish your marketing organization as a center of excellence at your institution.


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