Neustar's IP Intelligence Data Helps You Uncover and Block Cybersecurity Threats

IP GeoPoint data, with its superior IP geolocation, proxy and risk data, provides your threat intelligence and cybersecurity teams with the data necessary to assess the trustworthiness of network connections and identify any potential threats to your infrastructure.

How can IP GeoPoint data help your team?

Chief Security Officer

Your security team needs comprehensive IP geolocation, proxy and risk data in order to assess the trustworthiness of network connections and to identify any potential threats to your infrastructure. Not only do they need IP geolocation data and insight into the risk associated with an IP address, but they also need the ability to identify non-human traffic coming from servers, bots or anonymous proxies.

Program Manager

Since you and your team are responsible for the success of the threat intelligence and cybersecurity initiative from a program perspective, you know it's critical to standardize on the best possible IP decisioning data. The IP data provider needs to have the resources to support the variety of demands that your team will make from a support perspective. Neustar's Professional Services team is available 24/7 to support you during design, production, QA and maintenance. This level of support is critical to your success.

Security Architect

Since you're responsible for selecting the IP geolocation data that will be used to identify threats to your infrastructure, you need to be confident in the quality and accuracy of the data - and the company that stands behind it. Neustar provides a continuously updated global IP geolocation and risk database that will enable your security systems to identify risky network connections and any potential threats to your infrastructure and corporate data.


The day-to-day operation of your organization's threat intelligence and cybersecurity systems belongs to your team. As such, you need a trusted data vendor that can provide you with accurate, current IP decisioning data. You also need a vendor with a professional services team that can partner with you and your team. Neustar is your partner in success.


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