IP GeoPoint Data is the Foundation of Successful Fraud Mitigation Programs

Accurately determine where an IP address is located and if it is connecting from an anonymous proxy. Using IP GeoPoint data, you can create robust fraud prevention programs, while providing your trusted customers with the great online experience they have come to expect.

How can IP GeoPoint data help your team?

Fraud and Risk

Accurate IP geolocation decisioning data is the foundation of all fraud mitigation programs. Not only must you be able to determine if the IP is connecting via a risky anonymous proxy or VPN. Superior IP decisioning data can help you prevent false positives while providing your customers with an excellent experience.

Platform Product Management

Being a Fraud Platform product manager is no easy job. Not only must you ensure that the platform provides good customers with quick access to their online accounts, but you must also be able to "fine tune" the multiple layers of fraud detection you have implemented to quickly identify bad actors and prevent them from accessing your site. IP GeoPoint is the global authoritative source of IP decisioning data that enables your fraud platform to accurately identify good customers, while blocking access to those that present risks to your business.

Platform Architect

The most sophisticated fraud prevention platforms are only as effective as the fraud mitigation technologies being used. IP decisioning data is a major component because it can be leveraged to track various touchpoints throughout the customer journey - from registration to login to checkout. Since you're responsible for selecting the fraud mitigation tools that will be integrated into the platform, you need to be confident in your partners. They have to be able to provide the solutions and data that will keep your internal teams and your customers engaged, while identifying and preventing access by fraudsters. Neustar has the breadth and depth of IP Intelligence to ensure the data will meet your needs now, and in the future.

Data Science/Data Analyst

Since IP location accuracy and the ability to assess the risk associated with an IP address is paramount to the success of your company's fraud mitigation program, ensuring that you are using the highest quality IP geolocation decisioning data is critical. Since your team is responsible for reviewing and approving the IP geolocation data vendor the company will integrate, make sure that you integrate data from the most reliable data provider in the industry - and that's Neustar.


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