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Brands make outbound calls and texts thousands of times a day. Quite often this includes authenticating the user’s identity on the other end of the line. Perhaps that involves sending a text message or calling the customer back on the number in their profile to ensure they are who they say they are. Seems straightforward enough, right?

That is exactly what fraudsters want you to think. All it takes is a swapped-out SIM card, an unauthorized number reassignment, or call forwarding activated without the customer’s knowledge, and you could be exposing your company and your customers to significant fraud risk. Once a customer’s phone has been taken over, fraudsters can use it to create a new account using the victim’s information, infiltrate an existing account and change the associated phone number, or intercept outbound texts or calls.

How do you distinguish fraudsters from customers before sending that one-time passcode or call?

Businesses need new and innovative strategies that complement the ease and convenience of authentication via SMS text messaging or callbacks. How do you flag fraudsters faster and ensure a frictionless experience for your customers?

Neustar Phone Takeover Risk gives you the confidence to know you are interacting with a real customer. Using continuously corroborated data with authoritative linkages to the phone’s owner, Neustar provides the real-time intelligence needed to determine whether a phone number poses a high risk or low risk, helping mitigate fraud while also improving operational efficiencies.

Neustar Phone Takeover Risk applies unique global data sets, which are used to verify consumer phone ownership. By identifying high-risk phone numbers, you will see a reduction in new-account and account takeover fraud. Our verification insights will allow your organization to have a higher degree of trust when using mobile applications, as well as promote online registrations and verify transactional activities in real-time.

  • Reduce annual fraud losses
  • Increase transaction speed
  • Reduce churn
  • Improve consumer experience
  • Anywhere in the world*

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* Some functional restrictions based on geography. See Neustar representative for details.

Instantly Identify Phones at Risk for Phone Takeover Fraud

SIM Swap
Reduce password verification fraud via SMS text by understanding recent changes to the status of the phone’s SIM card.

Unauthorized Reassignment
Know whether a victim’s phone number has been reassigned to a fraudster’s mobile device for illicit transaction and authentication confirmation.

Call Forwarding
Identify when a phone number is being redirected, a potential indication that the number you are sending one-time passcodes to may belong to a fraudster.


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