Authenticate the Consumer Behind the Device

Sophisticated fraudsters are always on the lookout for vulnerable channels. Digital interactions and transactions are largely anonymous, creating a critical vulnerability for account takeover and other forms of fraud.

At the same time, consumers are going online to conduct business more than ever before. And when it comes to interacting with brands, consumers increasingly prefer digital channels to get the job done.

How Do You Quickly Sort Legitimate from Fraudulent Without Unnecessary Friction?

Rigorous identification standards often mean excessive cost and undue consumer friction, but the last thing you want is to expose your business or customers to account takeover fraud. The most widely adopted digital authentication solutions fail to address emerging fraud vectors because they narrowly focus on limited or individual data linkages, leaving you blind to first-time fraud attacks and sophisticated fraudsters cycling through devices. How can you minimize your organization’s risk exposure, while also giving consumers the straightforward digital experiences they expect?

Neustar Digital Identity Risk

Neustar sorts users intelligently and reliably into high- and low-risk buckets, allowing you to quickly identify and let through low-risk consumers. Reduce digital identity fraud by 20 percent and better focus valuable fraud-fighting resources1. Put additional verification steps in place only for high-risk, potentially fraudulent transactions.

Using a host of online, offline, behavioral, and device-based elements — including IP, browsing, phone activity, and the connections between digital footprints and people or households — Neustar corroborates users’ digital information against authoritative offline and online consumer data. The differentiated Neustar OneID® data indicates trustworthiness of the digital identity and substantially improves in-house decisioning engines, delivering an ROI of 144 percent and paying for itself in less than three months.2

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How Neustar Digital Identity Risk Works

  1. Consumer navigates brand web properties with a digital device, such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  2. Neustar automatically analyzes the strength of linkages between the user’s submitted PII, online data, behavior, and device-based observations using the Neustar OneID system.
  3. Neustar gives you the intelligence you need either to flag the interaction for additional verification or let it proceed without delay.
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Total Economic Impact of Neustar Fraud and Authentication Solutions

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ framework found that an investment in Neustar Fraud and Authentication Solutions reduces digital identity fraud by 20%, delivers an ROI of 144%, and pays for itself in three months.

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Authenticate Consumers Quickly and Reliably for Better Fraud Mitigation

Consumers won’t stay safe and happy if you can’t identify and authenticate them reliably. Learn how to block fraudsters while letting through consumers faster with "unhackable" device data from Neustar.

Prevent fraud. Speed transactions.

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Customer-Centric Digital Authentication

As a growing number of people migrate to digital-first interactions, financial institutions must deliver convenient, friction-right, and secure services. Learn three best practices for authenticating the customer behind the device without adding undue friction.

Reduce Friction and False Positives


Maximize Digital Experience During Social Distancing

Outdated digital authentication practices put a damper on what should be a positive moment in the customer relationship. Learn how device-based identity verification improves customer service and security.

Let Customers Through Faster

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Mitigate Fraud and Reduce Consumer Friction with Integrated Identity Verification

This Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Neustar explores why firms that employ a combination of offline, online, and device-based identity-verification capabilities see differentiated success.

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Retailers’ Delicate Opportunity to Win New E-Commerce Customers

Undue friction or an unneeded detour into a manual review queue frustrates customers and jeopardizes their lifetime value. Learn how retailers can minimize fraud risk, false positives, and customer friction via "unhackable" signals broadcast from users’ devices.

Reduce Abandonment

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