Secure Trust Across Channels and Deliver Seamless Experiences for Consumers

Spend less time interrogating customers and more time delighting them. Reduce fraud losses 20% by separating legitimate interactions from potential fraud.

If you don't know whom you can trust in remote interactions, you risk frustrating loyal customers while losing millions of dollars to fraud. Identify and authenticate who is on the other end of every interaction accurately and seamlessly. Understand if a device or interaction is at high risk for common fraud tactics.

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Assess Caller Risk Before They Reach Your IVR or an Agent

Complete a trust assessment before callers hear "hello" to improve customer experience, reduce fraud, and increase operational efficiency.

  • Identify inbound callers and fill in CRM gaps in real-time to better route calls
  • Detect phones showing risk signals, such as virtual calls or call spoofing
  • Reduce average handle time (AHT) by 20 to 70 seconds per inbound call
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Reduce Consumer Friction

Verify consumers for a seamless experience while spotting and stopping fraudsters via trusted identity resolution.

  • Improve the customer experience by reducing onerous identity checks
  • Minimize risk exposure while driving down false positives
  • Give customers a friction-right experience while putting additional verification steps in place for high-risk transactions
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Quickly Flag Interactions at High Risk for Digital Fraud

Sort users intelligently and reliably into high- and low-risk buckets with unhackable insight.

  • Link online, offline and device-based data to authenticate the individual behind the device quickly and reliably
  • Understand if a device or interaction is at high risk for common fraud tactics
  • Mitigate exposure to common vulnerabilities in fraud checks that rely on limited data or linkage verifications
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Inbound Authentication

Instantly identify and authenticate inbound callers pre-answer to improve customer experience, mitigate fraud risk and reduce average handle times.

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Phone Takeover Risk

Reduce account takeover fraud associated with one-time passcodes via real-time intelligence on a phone’s risk level for SIM card swap, unauthorized number reassignment, or call forwarding.

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Digital Identity Risk

Understand whether the consumer’s identity links to their device to flag possible fraud while allowing legitimate transactions through faster.

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IP GeoPoint

Powerful IP geolocation and VPN/proxy decisioning data to help you identify and block fraudulent transactions, deliver OTT and streaming media and ensure compliance with licensing and regulatory mandates.

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IP Reputation

Assess the trustworthiness of IP addresses and identify human vs. non-human (bot/server) traffic to prevent malicious online activity.

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