Presented by the SIP Forum, the STIR/SHAKEN ENTERPRISE SUMMIT is a reprise of the special webinar series focused on the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework. This next iteration of the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT will feature a series of free-to-attend webinars, presented by the experts leading the development of the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework as well as leading companies providing solutions and deployment expertise, that focus on the Enterprise requirements, challenges, and opportunities related to the deployment of STIR/SHAKEN, as well as a host of other issues relevant to the call authentication/Secure Telephone Identity (STI) industry eco-system.

The event will also include a special celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the Session Initiation Protocol (RFC 3261) – (yes, it’s been 20 years!). We have a number of very special keynotes and panel sessions planned for the event that will feature many of the original developers of the SIP standard, including Vint Cerf, Heinrich Sinnreich, Henning Schulzrinne, and David Gurle, among others!

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