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The foundation of any trusted communication is knowing who is on the other side – while STIR/SHAKEN validates that a phone number has not been spoofed, a verification process is still necessary to ensure that the person behind the call is who they say they are.

Please register to attend our two panel sessions at SIPNOC 2020 (see links below, you must register for each session individually to attend). If you have further questions, fill out the form below to schedule a meeting.

Progress Report on Closing the Attestation Gap
Monday Dec 7, 1-2pm ET

Enterprises, Contact Centers, and Voice Service Providers are often not in a position to obtain their own SHAKEN certificate. If they get their phone numbers from multiple service providers, their calls may not receive the highest attestation, and can be inadvertently blocked or mislabeled. Carriers have various options to address these challenges including TN Database, Delegated Certificates or a STIR certificate. These approaches all rely on the originator of the call and the telephone number to be trusted by other members of the ecosystem.

You will learn:

  • How carriers can enable customers to receive favorable call treatment
  • What approaches are gaining traction
  • How carriers can be sure they are admitting trusted players into the ecosystem

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Why Vetting is a Critical Foundational Component to Restoring Trust in the Phone System
Tuesday Dec 8, 1:30-2:30pm ET

STIR/SHAKEN, call analytics, and rich call content are important to assure consumers that they can trust who is calling. A foundational requirement is to ensure that you can actually verify the identity of the caller. We live an environment where people are skeptical of any information they receive due to fake news, misinformation and yes, phone calls. In order for information to be viewed as trusted, we must first confirm the source is authentic and reliable.

You will learn:

  • Why vetting is needed
  • Emerging industry best practices
  • How vetting supports Call ID Authentication, Rich Call Data (RCD) and Attestation Elevation

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