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Meet a Neustar Consultant at RMAi - Virtual Booth

A Must-See Speaking Session 

This session will air virtually prior to the event as a pre-event Virtual Education Session.

Title: Maintaining Contactability while Adhering to Reg F’s 7in7 Regulations


The new CFPB Regulation F, effective November 30, 2021, limits call attempts to seven times per week for each debt. More than ever, every contact must count.

How will you comply? How will you maintain RPCs and customer communication? Will you leverage additional communication channels? If you only dial 7in7, are you completely covered? Will your modified communication strategy still open you up to harassment suits?

If you’re focused on the questions above, you’re not alone.

3rd party agencies and 1st party creditors are all working to understand Reg F and seeking intelligence on phones and emails to optimize outreach attempts and maintain RPC rates, while meeting CFPB guidelines. Many have started to test or implement new strategies.

Learn how agencies are interpreting Reg F and using best phone/email, and the best time-of-day / day-of-week to contact each consumer, to increase effectiveness while fulfilling new regulation guidelines. 

In this session, John Bedard will review Reg F compliance interpretations and Neustar will review technologies that have yielded RPC gains. The discussion will include:

  • Interpreting Reg F: The Myths and Misunderstandings 
    • Understanding the guidelines, risks, and operational do’s and don’ts. 
  • Maintaining Contactability
    • Answer rates across different quality phones/dial attempts and why fewer dials doesn’t mean fewer RPCs
    • Best Time to Call intelligence for precision dialing
    • Email and Digital communications to complement dialing

Speakers: Mitchell Young, Neustar, Inc. and John Bedard, Bedard Law Group, P.C.

RMA’s Annual Conference is the premier event for the receivables management industry. Debt buyers, originating creditors, collection agencies, law firms, brokers, and affiliates gather for three days of industry education and regulatory updates, networking, and business opportunities. 

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