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The Fabrick Data Marketplace provides direct access to a wide range of datasets for a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and marketing performance. By combining first, second, and third-party data with site activity and media events marketers can build smarter models and drive greater success.


Build valuable connections with trusted data providers and publishers


Know, with confidence, the true source and quality of your licensed data


Fuel and refine custom audience, lookalike, and measurement models

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Data Partner Categories

Demographic Data

Unlock rich demographic and psychographic data enabling you to better understand your consumers and drive greater personalization at scale.

Contextual Data

Draw on the full picture of web behavioral data for insights about who your potential customers are—including what they do, where they go, and what they buy.

TV Data

Get user-level advertising exposure data, at last, across linear TV, video-on-demand, connected TV, and over-the-top TV environments, all in one place.

Mobile Data

Tap into consumer-level mobile shopper insights to gain a better understanding of trending habits and brand propensity.

Location Data

Understand consumer intent and media performance clustered around physical locations better with access to rich, granular geolocation signals.

Panel Data

Direct access to fully permissioned, first-party survey data providing valuable insight into the unique habits, preferences, and attitudes of worldwide consumers.

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How the Fabrick Data Marketplace Works

graphic showing flow of second party data