Increase Contact Effectiveness and Decrease Operational Costs

Outbound dialing organizations waste significant resources calling at times and on days when many consumers do not usually answer their phones. Different consumers are most active on their phones at different times, leaving contact centers to gamble with staff scheduling. Historical call data provides minimal insight, at best, and no value with contacts that have not been dialed before.

Even if reliable data is available, it is often difficult to implement and operationalize. Legacy infrastructures, lack of resources, and limited IT support lock many contact centers to their current systems and infrastructure.

Bring the Industry's Most Powerful Decisioning Data to Your Existing Outbound Dialing System, Without Needing IT or Analyst Resources

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Reach out to Each Consumer at the Right Day and Time

Make the right connection at the right time with Neustar SmartDial and increase the efficiency of your outbound communications. Dial each consumer at the times of day and days of week they are most likely to answer, without needing analysis or IT resources for integration.

Neustar SmartDial drives truly intelligent decisions on the best time to contact each consumer by overlaying unique phone behavior data onto existing daily dialer files. Your daily contact strategy file is optimized automatically with inserted dial requests indicating the period each contact is most likely to answer the phone. Calling each consumer in your campaign file at the best time improves operational efficiency and RPC rates.

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Over 80 percent of outbound calls go unanswered or to the wrong party.

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call center employee


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Learn How Your Company Can Benefit from the Power of Trusted Connections.

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