If organizations don’t know which email addresses their consumers actually use, their outbound operations suffer. The wrong recipient may receive protected personal information. A tripped spam trap could impact IP reputation. Revenue from a consumer in arrears may go uncollected. Sales opportunities might be lost to more nimble competitors.

Consumers collect email addresses over time for different uses, increasing the challenge of knowing which email address is most likely to get a consumer’s attention. When consumer records list multiple email addresses, organizations lack the insights needed (e.g., longevity, recent activity) to choose the appropriate address.

Traditional sources of email information cannot mitigate business risk because they prioritize reach over accuracy. Organizational consolidations and acquisitions generate duplicate and fractional identifiers, exacerbating the challenge of maintaining accurate consumer email address records. Similarities between business address domains, as well as consumer privacy concerns, further complicate addressability and efficiency issues.

With 30% of email addresses changing each year, and bounce rates jeopardizing open rates and IP reputation, how do you increase the likelihood of your important messages getting through to consumers?

Drive engagement via the email channel with complete consumer contact intelligence.

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  • Exactly which emails will be successfully delivered...
  • Each consumer’s most "contactable” email address...
  • Alternative emails for hard-to-reach consumers...

Better Customer Email Data Means Better Operations

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of email communications, while also reducing compliance and financial risks, with smart email insights. Neustar Email Intelligence provides actionable email deliverability, activity, and linkage insights, increasing delivery rates and providing a more reliable way to correct and complete consumer email data. Fill in the blanks on incomplete and inaccurate customer contact intelligence. Design more effective email strategies with a “contactability score” based on each email address’s deliverability and activity.

Neustar will also append up to three additional email addresses for each consumer record, including information on longevity and recent activity. With consumers using multiple email addresses, and consumer communication preferences varying by the individual, having the most up-to-date and complete email information is crucial to making a successful connection.

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