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Mitigate Non-Compliance Risk When Connecting with Customers

Outbound communications organizations must manage the dynamic legal requirements involved in maintaining compliance with contact regulations while maintaining operational efficiency. Companies invite financial and reputational risk if they don’t proactively incorporate best practices for managing these compliance regulations:

  • The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which prohibits using auto-dialers, pre-recorded messaging, and SMS messages when contacting wireless devices without the consent of the called party
  • The TRACED Act, which expanded the TCPA in July, 2020, proposes to penalize certain TCPA violations without first warning the offenders, impose a penalty of up to $10,000 per intentional illegal robocall, and has a statute of limitations of four years to pursue intentional violators
  • Regulation F revisions by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, including comments associated with Section 806 of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which limit the number of phone calls and electronic communications that debt collectors may attempt per a seven day period, and also clarifies the prohibition of communications to consumers’ work email addresses

Constantly changing consumer phone data further exacerbates contact compliance risk. Because 35 million U.S. phone numbers change every year, companies need to ensure their CRM records are accurate and up-to-date before calling or texting a number. Unintentional mistakes could lead to significant regulatory fines, class action damages, and wasted operational resources.

Use the most current, complete and, accurate landline and wireless data to make informed decisions that align with your compliance risk tolerance when dialing or texting each consumer.

Neustar Contact Compliance Risk, the 2018 CODiE Award winner for “Best Customer Relationship Management Solution,” provides insights on who to call or text and how to prioritize numbers for lowest risk. By leveraging unique relationships with telecom providers and powering over 90 percent of caller ID in the U.S., Neustar verifies, in real time, the linkages among a consumer’s name, phone number, valid consent, and other attributes.

The precision of Neustar data intelligence reduces noncompliance risk, allows you to quickly identify and prioritize the right telephone numbers for a given consumer, and fills in gaps in your consumer records. As verified changes to consumer data occur, Neustar proactively pushes updates directly to client databases so your consumer records are always kept complete and up-to-date.


TRACED Act Expands Reach and Impact of TCPA

Outbound dialing organizations that continue to rely on incomplete or publicly available data for their TCPA-compliance posture assumed significantly more risk with the enforcement of the TRACED Act.

Improve TCPA Compliance

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Case Study

Collections Client Increased Right-Party Contacts by 60 percent

A leading debt buyer used Neustar solutions to increase right-party contacts by 60 percent and improve manual dialing productivity by 70 percent. See how the company grew revenue with Neustar’s authoritative data.

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Healthcare Insurance Webinar: Identity Resolution – Reach the Right Party

Healthcare organizations need to immediately know and trust the accuracy of who is at the end of every conversation. Explore best practices for managing consumer identity data across the organization.

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