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Save Your Business from Unintentional Dialing Compliance Violations

Neustar provides some of the largest companies in the U.S. with unparalleled consumer data intelligence to help them mitigate risk around the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. That same identity data can also increase the operational efficiencies around your outbound calling through higher right-party contact rates and stronger revenue-per-dial.

The Neustar OneID™ system leverages authoritative data that's refreshed every 15 minutes from more than 300 independent sources, including the nation's leading telecommunications service providers. It's the most accurate phone intelligence available and provides you with unique insights regarding the attributes of nearly any phone number. By letting Neustar connect all the dots, you get the access to the most trusted consumer data, helping you instantly identify who to call, avoid compliance problems, and communicate more efficiently with your customers.

Avoid Costly Penalties for Your Business

TCPA regulations prohibit using auto-dialers and pre-recorded messaging, including SMS messages, when calling or messaging wireless devices without the consent of the called party. By using the most current, complete and accurate landline and wireless data provided by Neustar's solution, you'll be able to sidestep unintentional mistakes that could lead to significant regulatory fines. Because consumer data is constantly changing, including 35 million U.S. phone numbers every year, companies need to ensure their CRM records are accurate and up-to-date before dialing a number.

Neustar Contact Compliance Risk, which won an 2018 CODiE Award for "Best Customer Relationship Management Solution", helps mitigate risk and improve the efficiencies of call center operations by verifying, in real-time, the linkages between a consumer's name, phone number, valid consent and other attributes, providing insights on who to call or text and how to prioritize numbers for lowest risk and highest efficiency and effectiveness.

Improve CRM Accuracy and Right-Party Contact Rates

For companies that make a substantial number of outbound calls to consumers through their contact center, it's about more than just avoiding violations. It's also about getting the most out of your operations, which play a crucial role in driving sales growth and a contributing to a stronger bottom line. Our solution can help you prioritize the right phone number to call to reach a given customer, while also augmenting any data identity gaps in that customer's profile. This keeps your CRM records up-to-date, and you'll also gain valuable predictive phone characteristics to increase your right-party contact rates.

In addition, Neustar is the lone identity provider offering Proactive Change Notifications at scale. This service pushes changes in consumer records to your CRM database in near real-time. So rather than having to wait for inefficient bulk updates that can leave your records stale, Proactive Change Notifications ensure your CRM database stays accurate as consumer information changes.



TRACED Act Expands Reach and Impact of TCPA

Outbound dialing organizations that continue to rely on incomplete or publicly available data for their TCPA-compliance posture assumed significantly more risk with the enforcement of the TRACED Act.

Improve TCPA Compliance

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Case Study

Collections Client Increased Right-Party Contacts by 60 percent

A leading debt buyer used Neustar solutions to increase right-party contacts by 60 percent and improve manual dialing productivity by 70 percent. See how the company grew revenue with Neustar’s authoritative data.

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Healthcare Insurance Webinar: Identity Resolution – Reach the Right Party

Healthcare organizations need to immediately know and trust the accuracy of who is at the end of every conversation. Explore best practices for managing consumer identity data across the organization.

Protect Patient Data

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