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Identity Verification: A Unique Approach

As a company built on the foundation of Privacy by Design, for more than 20 years Neustar's unique richness and depth of verification data, supported by over 200 authoritative data sources, have made us the leader in the field of responsible identity resolution. Neustar services include verifying identity offline and online data, such as name, address, landline, mobile phone, email, and more. Our clients find value in understanding the intersection of these data points-for example, is the mobile phone associated with a specific consumer? Is a particular IP likely originating from the same location as the consumer's actual location?

Companies use this data to mitigate account opening and account takeover fraud, reduce false positives and consumer friction, and improve the overall customer experience.


Device & Phone Intelligence

  • VoIP Indicator - Identifies phone numbers associated with various types of VoIP providers (e.g. Google Voice), potential OTT, or traditional landline/VoIP
  • Service Discontinued - Indicates if and when service was discontinued with service provider
  • Prepaid Phone - Indicates whether the telephone number is associated with a prepaid phone
  • Business Phone - Indicates whether a telephone number is associated with a business
  • Phone In-Service - indicates whether a telephone number is currently in use, and how long it has or has not been in use
  • Phone Type - Indicates whether the telephone number is for a wireless, landline, or unknown telephone type
  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO) - Provides access to device attributes directly from the mobile carriers
  • Device Intelligence - Indicates the level of trust that a device is associated with a specific individual based on PII
  • Reassigned - Indicates when a phone number has been reassigned from one carrier to another
  • Call Forwarding - Indicates if a phone has call forwarding enabled
  • Sim Swap - Indicates if and when a mobile phone changed SIM cards or devices
  • Phone Usage - Proxy for the amount of outbound dialing activity seen from a phone number in the last 12 months

Consumer Intelligence

  • Name, Address, Phone, Email (NAPE) Verification - Verifies the accuracy of CRM data in real-time
  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO) - Provides access to subscriber attributes directly from mobile carriers
  • Security Intelligence - Indicates quality of IP data, including location and reputation
  • Call Window - Indicates best numbers to dial and best time to call for a higher likelihood of reaching a consumer
  • Cookie Verification - Indicates the trustworthiness of specific cookie data
  • Do Not Call - Indicates whether the contact is part of the DNC (Do Not Call) registry

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