When an events company sells 95 million tickets a year, the phones can ring upwards of 100,000 times a day. That can mean long wait times and impatient customers.

Unless, that is, you use Neustar Identification, which accurately identifies caller contact information, plus lets customers buy using an automated menu. It’s enabled Ticketmaster to shorten wait and call times, free live agents for special requests and boost order conversions. Neustar Identification is a Customer Intelligence solution that enables you to know your customer or prospect behind every inbound request.

“It was time to take the next leap in customer service.”

“In order to provide the type of support our customers have come to expect from us, we determined it was time to take the next quantum leap in the level of customer service we offer,” says James Boyce, National Network Director of Ticketmaster. “Once we learned that the technology was available, we wanted to incorporate it in our national call centers.”

Using a speech-capture application (interactive voice recognition, or IVR), Neustar’s solution pinpoints a caller’s name and address, reducing call times by more than a minute.

The solution “facilitates faster and more accurate transactions at a significantly lower cost.”

Hold times have dropped too, since customers can buy tickets without agent assistance. In fact, over 85% of all telephone ticket orders now happen this way. Also, with customers using the menu to confirm their mailing addresses, the company receives less returned mail caused by live agent errors.

Last but not least: more calls processed means higher conversion rates.

Says Steve Chudleigh, Neustar Senior VP, Data Strategy, “We helped provide Ticketmaster a solution that is simple and intuitive, facilitates faster and more accurate transactions at a significantly lower cost and dramatically improves the success of every call.”

It’s just the ticket.