Local Search Gone Wrong

It’s the middle of the night, you’re on vacation and your child has a terrible cough. You get in the rental car and use your phone to search for an open drug store near you. Your smartphone shows a few options — one is 3 miles away and another 3.5 miles away. With the hope of some sleep in your future, you choose the one that is a bit farther because it’s the same chain as your trusted pharmacy back home. You drive the 3.5 miles only to find a dark, boarded up, out-of-business drug store. You sigh. You’re exhausted and now the chance of getting back to sleep seems like it’s slipping away.

A Customer Experience Moment

In our increasingly connected world, customers are overwhelmed by all the ways to connect with brands while they weigh risks of security and privacy. At every point on their journey, across every channel online and offline, customers expect a great experience to support the trust they place in their favorite brands. But sometimes these moments that matter most do not live up to their expectations.

Why Does This Moment Matter?

Every touch point on the customer journey is important - from customers finding you, to keeping them happy, loyal and coming back for more. When the experience is broken especially when a customer needs to be able to depend on your brand, there’s a strong emotional reaction that lingers with customers. They will share their experiences – good and bad – with friends and family. And next time they need a product or service, they’ll remember and search for an alternative if the experience didn’t live up to their expectations the last time.

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