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In 2010, a major global technology brand faced a new set of challenges. The explosion of online shopping and a down economy drastically changed the consumer market—while the rise of the tablet and connected devices recast the tech giant into a challenger role. And the company faced a particularly tricky data and marketing analytics challenge: As an “ingredient brand”, one of its key KPIs is sales impact experienced by other companies—most of whom don’t share their sales data.

Faced with these challenges, the company formed an internal analytics group, which turned to Neustar MarketShare DecisionCloud™ (MDC) for marketing measurement and allocation planning across a wide range of marketing efforts—from traditional and digital media to experiential and retail marketing.


Using analytic innovations created in concert with MarketShare DecisionCloud, sophisticated models were built that allowed the company to see the value that its marketing was having on partners’ sales, and to clearly connect marketing activities to its own revenue.

Now, the tech brand’s internal analytics team uses MarketShare DecisionCloud to inform its marketing investment planning and allocation decisions globally, covering a range of products, countries, programs and media outlets. With MDC, the company can more easily and quickly run simulations and make decisions on mid-course investment changes based on incremental ROI those changes will produce.

MDC’s resource allocation guidance helps the company hit the right balance between traditional above-the-line media marketing, and below-the-line, non-media marketing focused on experiential, retail and sponsorship activities. And its internal marketing team turns to MDC decision apps for crucial brand marketing insight.


In one year alone, the brand’s marketing resource allocation efforts—powered by MarketShare DecisionCloud—generated a 1% to 3% increase in sales contribution from marketing, and more than $100 million in incremental revenue.

MarketShare DecisionCloud has helped to completely transform the marketing department’s position internally. According to one company executive, “We used to joke that when sales beat expectations, marketing received no credit—but when sales declined or were below expectations, marketing was the first group to get blamed. Now, with the help of MarketShare DecisionCloud, we’ve revolutionized our ability to grow revenue as the marketing landscape changes. And we’ve transformed our ability to draw a clear line connecting marketing efforts with the revenues they drive.”